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03-06-2023 (Gunness)

Two important bits of news today.
First off, the search bug has been fixed (a server update was the cause of all those problems). I'm sorry it has taken this long, but thanks to my friend Toke for assisting.

Secondly, and even more worthy of celebration - we've crossed the 10,000 mark. Yes, CASA now officially contains info on more than 10,000 text adventures. Which is a number far beyond anything I'd ever imagined - and six months shy of our 25th anniversary, even (which we'll talk about in due course). That's games enough to cover the needs of even the most industrious players.

Contributors: boldir, Oloturia, Csabo, Alex, sequornico, R-Tape, Exemptus, OVL, Canalboy, stevenjameshodgson, johnssavage, iamaran, Strident, Garry, Bieno, Alastair

30-03-2023 (Gunness)

Site bug: I'm sorry that the year's first update is about a bug, but there it is. There's an error in the search function which causes search strings with multiple words (e.g. Zork II) to fail.
Workaround: put a + between the search words - Zork+II will function.
It's not ideal, but it works. I'll get the search function fixed a.s.a.p.

Contributors: Simon, Garry, Denk, ASchultz, sequornico, Alex, xorxif, fuzzel, Gonzo, boldir, The Glass Fractal, Dethmunk, iamaran, OVL, Exemptus, nimusi, jgerrie, Sylvester, dave, Dorothy, Strident, Gunness

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...You were given a submarine capable of making the journey to OCEANA and told that if you weren't able to complete your mission in fifteen hours, it would be too late to stop the war. Three hours after you left in your sub, you located OCEANA. It looked like a giant hemisphere on the ocean floor. You found the airlock and maneuvered your sub to connect with it. Your sub's automated docking system took over and docked your sub. You are ready to explore OCEANA and complete your mission. You have fifteen hours...GOOD LUCK!


This game was entered into Softworks 7th annual AGT content, which took place in 1993 with the results announced in 1994. This game received an honorable mention.

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