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07-06-2021 (dave)

People are still beavering away with updating games and providing solutions. We've had a few new and rare games being unearthed too. Thank you to all the contributors!

Contributors: Csabo, Jonathan O, Jesper Hvid, Exemptus, Alex, Garry, FredrikR, boldir, benkid77, sequornico, terri, Alastair, Hermski, Denk, iamaran, Slartibartfast, Paul Ingerson, Oloturia, jgerrie, Gunness, ahope1, Zenobifan2, ASchultz, chrishester, nimusi, Canalboy, stevenjameshodgson, RetroBasic, Dave Edwards, Dorothy, auraes, Stefano, Strident, leenew, Duffadash, dave, adventuron

Random Game

Revenge of the Moon Goddess


Deep in the heart of the South American jungles lies hidden the long lost City of the Sun. You seek the city and its fabled golden idol, the statue of the Moon Goddess. But death lies in your path!


Adapted from the earlier game Lost City.

Released as part of the CodeWriter Thriller compilation. Originally listed here with a 1987 release date; magazine & packaging references show the release date was at least as early as 1984.

The "Quilled" version was also later sold (1988?) as part of a four-game compilation by Free Spirit Software; where an Apple II version was also listed.

Released on the pc as public domain in 1992.

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Updated Games

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Passagers Du Vent, Les (21-09-2021 06:02)
Robinson Crusoe (21-09-2021 06:01)
Manoir Du Dr.Genius, Le (21-09-2021 05:59)
Treasure Quest (20-09-2021 16:55)

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Passagers Du Vent, Les (FredB74, 20-09-2021 21:00)
Pépé Béquilles (FredB74, 20-09-2021 20:58)
Manoir Du Dr.Genius, Le (FredB74, 20-09-2021 20:55)
Robinson Crusoe (FredB74, 20-09-2021 20:52)
Sceptre D'Anubis, Le (FredB74, 20-09-2021 20:51)