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21-12-2016 (Gunness)

The 17th year at the flashy CASA offices is drawing to a close. It's been a good year for the site, thanks to the ongoing efforts of so many people around the globe. I know that we've mainly focused on the classic era in the past (1984 remains our top-ranking year with 657 entries)- still I'm happy to report that our coverage of the newer games has improved a great deal, too.
There's still a lot of ground to cover, but fresh in are two December releases to cap off 2016. The first, The Darkness of Raven Wood, is a brand new BBC fantasy game.
And the second - if you'll excuse a bit of flag-waving on my part, I'm immensely pleased to announce the first Danish text adventure in nearly 30 years, På Loftet Sidder Nissen. I know the author, Thomas Bøvith, has put in a lot of work translating Inform to Danish, so here's hoping for more games to appear. I won't be reviewing it as I spent quite some time beta-testing it, but if you can read the language, it's well worth your time. And since it's Christmas themed, it should help you get into the right Yule mood. Incidentally I've added a genre tag for games with a seasonal theme.

Happy holidays, everybody, and a huge thank you to each and everybody who helped out this year - contributors, co-editors and other great people!

Contributors: Garry, Gunness, devwebcl, dcruze, Alex, jgerrie, terri, auraes, Sudders, impomatic, dakidski, Dorothy, Dethmunk

11-11-2016 (Gunness)

This update sees a continuation of the stream of SpeedIF titles (no, I hadn't heard of DinoComp before, either), but there are also new, 2016 releases such as Spy - A QL Adventure for the...wait for it... QL!

Contributors: Sylvester, Garry, Doreen B, Sudders, iamaran, ahope1, Gunness, GusBrasil, impomatic, Mark, Alex, Dorothy, DannieGeeko, rwap

12-09-2016 (Gunness)

Apart from adding a number of games from the various Speed IF comps (thanks, Garry), ChickenMan just pointed me towards a new, lengthy podcast from TRS-80 Trash Talk with none other than Scott Adams. The podcast goes into a lot of detail about Scott's career and the inspiration for his various games. Well worth a listen! The bit featuring him starts around the 42:40 mark.

Contributors: Garry, Sylvester, ahope1, Sudders, Zuperfaust, terri, Doreen B, Alastair, iamaran, Dorothy, Vaxalon, pippa, Gunness

03-08-2016 (Gunness)

Our reviews section has led a quiet, unassuming life for a long time, but I'm happy to report that it's finally gotten some much-deserved attention. The last two months have seen no less than 19 new reviews, including one for Return to Earth. I hope you'll find some inspiration here, and by all means feel free to submit your own reviews! A particular thank you to Sudders and Zuperfaust for bringing this section to life.
I've also conducted a brief interview with Richard Alexander, who was a prolific publisher for the Sinclair QL. Do give it a read.

Contributors: Garry, Zuperfaust, terri, Sylvester, Sudders, jgerrie, Porkbelly, Gunness, Alex

29-06-2016 (Gunness)

Nearly two years after we crossed the 6,000 games threshold, we've reached yet another milestone. The 7,000th game in the database was added today (psssst - it's a Jack the Ripper game)! I would never, ever have thought that the world of adventure games was so widespread. Very impressive. And there seems to be no end to the row of games (IFDb lists 8,078 games so there's one goal to set your sights on).
There's plenty more in the pipeline, but some of us have to go on holiday once in a while, so with apologies for leaving your material hanging, I'll bid you a fine summer (or winter, all depending). Thanks for keeping us alive and kicking!

Contributors: Zuperfaust, Garry, Gunness, Sylvester, Alex, Sudders, rwap, jgerrie

09-06-2016 (Gunness)

Among a plethora of new games you'll also find a number of new reviews, by Garry and Sudders. I want to give a nod to both Treasure of Middle Earth (which appears to be a lazy bug fest and has zip to do with a certain fantasy novel) as well as The Sealed City, which at least has a terrific title screen. Yes, I'm a sucker for those! Read on and hopefully be inspired.

Contributors: Garry, Dom, Sudders, Sylvester, jgerrie, stevenjameshodgson, gamingafter40, terri, iamaran, ChickenMan, Gunness, therealdavetaylor, Alex

06-04-2016 (Gunness)

Ever felt like being a shark, munching on innocent beach visitors? With 2013's Jaws: The Text Adventure, you can. It's a homage to/parody of the Spielberg blockbuster, browser based but looking like a Spectrum game. A fun, little game which should only gobble up 15 to 20 minutes of your time.
Particular thanks to Garry for his large no. of contributions, and to Sudders for his work on the Jaws files :)

Contributors: Richard Bos, Garry, jgerrie, Ger K, Gunness, Sudders, fgerbig, impomatic, Alex, terri, Alastair, dave

24-02-2016 (Gunness)

I'm always pleased to see more reviews, as they're an invaluable assistance when it comes to picking and choosing between the nearly 7,000 games in the database. Recently, our user Sudders has been highly active on this front, and you'll find his latest reviews right here.
I'd also like to thank Mousey for his work on adding new Zenobi games for the Atari ST. Much appreciated!

Contributors: Sudders, impomatic, Sylvester, Mousey, Gunness, Alex, ahope1, Alastair

18-01-2016 (Gunness)

Not a lot to report today, so without further ado, here are the latest additions, with particular thanks to Garry for his steady stream of material.

Contributors: Garry, Alex, Gunness

Random Game

Escape From Dinosaur Island


After enduring a hurricane, your hot air balloon has crashed on an a mysterious island. Lost and alone, you have to find a way to survive and escape!


Based very loosely on The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

In 2019, an (official) updated version 'Escape from Dinosaur Island DX' was produced by Chris Ainsley, including simple graphics and a 'Text Adventure Literacy Project' tutorial. This was created using Adventuron for PC/browser, and PAWs for ZX Spectrum.

Notable differences in the DX version are the additional graphics, some additional responses, some housekeeping tasks, walkhrough of the pre-game, and the DX version is the version that is ported to ZX Spectrum (via PAW).

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