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10-08-2020 (Alastair)

Update posts might have been tardy of late, but the same can not be said of actual updates - wow!

A thank you to everyone who has contributed to CASA during the past few trying months. (Plus a personal thank you from this not so active admin to the admins who have been putting the work in, I'll try to up my game in the future.)

Contributors: Alex, urbanghost, benkid77, iamaran, Strident, Exemptus, Doreen B, blauroke, Garry, Csabo, Dorothy, PJ-1978, auraes, Gunness, terri, Mousey, Zappa666, MiguelSky, ahope1, fuzzel, RetroBasic, leenew, Paul Ingerson, Canalboy, boldir, devwebcl, Dave Edwards, CCLGamer, Steve Ludlow, Duffadash, adventuron, jdyer, Moitcho, Alastair, Kozelek

07-04-2020 (Gunness)

Here's a much overdue update, posted in the middle of a global crisis which makes anything I have to say at the moment fairly pointless. Possibly many of you have too many other concerns to care a great deal about adventure games right now, but hopefully for some text games will be the perfect way to spend time while a lot of us are forced to stay at home, anyway. I sincerely hope that everybody is safe at the moment. Please take good care of yourselves, whereever you are.

Due to other obligations I have had very little time for CASA as of late, so props to my fellow administrators for keeping things flowing. I've just noticed that we've crossed the 8,000 games threshold. Very impressive!

Contributors: Garry, Mousey, Carlos, Dethmunk, ahope1, Strident, boldir, popocop, Gunness, Exemptus, iamaran, Alex, Moitcho, jgerrie, Csabo, adventuron, farique, RetroBasic, Sylvester, Andre Leao, nimusi, Alastair, Paul Ingerson, Canalboy, webowl, Tinker, Dorothy, Duffadash, Jewwbat

Random Game

Enchantress, The


Your task is to kill the enchantress.


The game was planned as the first title from Abstract Concepts.

It was to feature various RPG-like stats (constitution, strength) invisible to the player and let him/her be affected by the weather. A preview was featured in Computer & Video Games magazine, issue 72 (October 1987).

According to Fergus, "this was a proposed game that we did some mockups and preliminary design work on, but the project never really got going."

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Cliff Diver: Investigator For Hire (17-10-2020 13:29)
World (17-10-2020 13:26)

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