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31-12-2006 (Gunness)

The planned update has been delayed a few days, but in the meantime I'd like to wish everybody a happy New Year! Thanks for your support - I hope to see a lot of you in 2007! Contributors: Marco, terri

15-10-2006 (Gunness)

The mobile version of Twin Kingdom Valley is now available for download for a number of models. As promised, I have interviewed Trevor again, and the project's manager, Ian Pare, also drops by for a few comments. Read it here. And there's more... some time ago I mentioned that I was playtesting a remake of Valkyrie 17. Well, after many arduous hours of playtesting - and subsequent debugging by the programmer - the game is ready (or at least free of any glaring bugs). You can download the game right here and read an interesting interview with Tony Barber, who created the game. Any comments on the game will be greatly appreciated, of course! Finally, a special mention must go to Marco Cavagna, who has gone to great lengths to map the massive (and at times massively confusing) Acheton. Exquisite work, hope to see more of this kind! Contributors: Marco, Geoff, terri

13-08-2006 (Gunness)

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water... the site returns after its longest hiatus in a good long while. CASA has pretty much been put on the backburner during the summer, but truth be told there has been very little to report. Thanks to and Geoff Wallis and Terri Sheehan for submitting new solutions, particularly for the rather tricky Mirror of Khoronz which I gave up on a long time ago. Geoff has also been kind enough to help out with The Ferryman Awaits, which was requested last time, and has spent many hours getting a solution for the huge Enthar Seven ready. To follow up on the news on Twin Kingdom Valley: as many of you will already know, Trevor has prepared an extended version of his classic title - for mobile phones! To my knowledge, this is a first. At the time of writing the game hasn't been released yet, but it should be ready for download before the end of August. What a terrific way to spend a few hours on the bus, the train or the beach! Watch the game's site for further development. I expect to have an extension of my original interview with Trevor ready for next time. Until then... Contributors: Alastair, Luke Wilson, William Heckadon, wilko0070, Doreen B, Geoff, terri

23-05-2006 (Gunness)

Back when this site had just sprung into life, I conducted an interview with Trevor Hall, author of Twin Kingdom Valley, one of the world's first adventure games with interactive characters. Recently somebody pointed out that a site has opened over at - the site is fairly empty at the moment, but this looks really interesting. I don't have a valid address for Trevor any longer, so if anyone knows anything, please let me know. And speaking of remakes in the works, I'm currently playtesting an updated version of another perennial favourite, namely Valkyrie 17. I think the game should be ready fairly soon, and I think that there should be plenty to enjoy for fans of old-school adventure games. In the meantime, thanks to all for your latest submissions! Contributors: Alastair, Luke Wilson, William Heckadon, wilko0070, Doreen B, terri

19-04-2006 (Gunness)

Nicholas Campbell, of CPC Game Reviews, informed me that John Betteridge, the author of Escape from Khoshima and Morgan's Seal, is selling two new text adventures for the Amstrad CPC - Codename Midnight Sun and Trapper. Actually, they're not new; they were written in 1985 and 1986, but this is the first time that anyone other than John has seen them. A really nice initiative, I think. You can read more about John and his games here. Fredrik Ramsberg has pointed me in the direction of Slag. Behind this decidedly unadventurish name lies a compiler for creating Zcode (Infocom format) hint files. What all this boils down to is that Slag allows you to create UHS-style hint files where hints for various problems are given gradually and only at the request of the user. I'm a big fan of the UHS format but it's annoying that it's not freeware. I've added 17 hint files for various Infocom titles to the archive - grab a Zcode interpreter here and see what you think. If any of you are interested in trying to make one of these hint files yourself, read Frederik's excellent description here and I think you'll find that it's not all that complicated. It's definitely a nice way of receiving help! Thanks for the tip, Frederik! Contributors: Alastair, iamaran, Gunness, Daulichen Victor, wilko0070, Doreen B, terri

31-03-2006 (Gunness)

Since the last time, several of the site's users have been tearing their hair out in frustration over a number of oldies for the BBC. Thanks to all for joining in the struggle (and a struggle 'twas indeed!). I'm looking forward to more joint (ad)ventures in the coming period. Lots of people have contributed this time, so thanks to you all. I have a minor backlog of things that haven't been uploaded yet. I'll get that fixed sometime during the coming week. Until then, have a nice weekend! Contributors: Alastair, iamaran, Gunness, Daulichen Victor, wilko0070, Doreen B, terri

05-02-2006 (Gunness)

I believe we're back to normal, forum-wise, thanks to the efforts of Toke Jeberg.

04-02-2006 (Gunness)

Some joker apparently found it amusing to hack the forum. I have no experience with fixing something like this, but I'll try to take care of it as soon as possible. Contributors: Alastair, Ger K, wilko0070, terri

20-01-2006 (Gunness)

Welcome to 2006! Today I'm making a special note of the game Clink. A text adventure constructed purely out of hyperlinked pages, the demo of the game features more than 1,000 subpages, each reachable via simple clinking in your browser. I doubt this is the future of interactive fiction, but it's a interesting project nonetheless. Take a closer look right here. Meanwhile, I've added a number of solutions for normal, old-school adventure games right here on this site. I already have the next bunch lined up, so I'll see you shortly! Contributors: Alastair, Ger K, wilko0070, Dorothy, Sherwin Robb, Dohi, Doreen B, terri

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