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30-12-2013 (Gunness)

Just in time for the holidays (sort of), here's the latest round of additions. I still have some way to go with the queued material, but keep it coming and it'll get processed as soon as possible.
Thanks to all contribs, both to this update and the rest! On behalf of myself and my co-editors, thanks for keeping the site running and for keeping the adventuring spirit alive. See you all in 2014!

Contributors: Alex, dave, Gunness, iamaran, Sylvester, Dorothy, boldir, pippa, Vaxalon

14-09-2013 (Alastair)

It is just a few weeks after the last update but during that time a staggering number of games have been added to the site. Just scroll down to take it all in.

Contributors: Alex, Gunness, jgerrie, iamaran, Dorothy, boldir, Alastair

22-08-2013 (Gunness)

We've been added quite a lot of non-English games lately, and the clue sheets for Heyley's games are finally up as well. Thanks to all who have helped this time around. Oh, and thanks for the various comments about the Howarth interview. Glad it's being read.

Contributors: Gunness, Juan, Alex, Alastair, Tinker, Strident, lordroberts

07-08-2013 (Gunness)

It's been a while since our latest update, but work has continued behind the scenes. This time around I'm immensely pleased to present an interview with Brian Howarth, a classic game creator which many of you will be familiar with from his Mysterious Adventures series, Gremlins and others. I've been on the lookout for him for a number of years, so I was very thrilled when contact was finally established.

Brian is a very friendly and interesting chap, and I hope you enjoy reading the interview as much as I did conducting it.

In other news, a number of games have been added and a large number of Amstrad and TRS-80 screenshots have been added.

Contributors: iamaran, Gunness, Alex, Alastair, dave, Mousey, Eric Cubizolle, ChickenMan

18-06-2013 (Gunness)

Quite a lot of new games - a particular thanks to ChickenMan for supplying lots of screenshots this time around (still need to add some of them).

Contributors: Gunness, iamaran, Mousey, Juan, Alastair, terri, Dorothy

06-05-2013 (Gunness)

I'm doing my best to salvage information on the Amstrad games mentioned in the news update from April 23. Some of these are included with this week's update.

Contributors: Gunness, Juan, iamaran, Amby, Alastair, dave

29-04-2013 (Gunness)

I've been leafing (pdf'ing?) through old issues of the classic TRS-80 magazine 80 Micro. A few new - well, old actually - games saw the light of day again.
Contributors: Gunness, devwebcl

23-04-2013 (Gunness)

I'm still working my way through the list of submitted material. A special thank you to Juan for his work on the Amstrad section. Unfortunately it seems as if one of the most useful Amstrad resources, CPC Power, is down for the count, so for the time being it isn't available for our research. Too bad. Other than that, as usual thanks to all contributors. There's more to come!

Contributors: Gunness, Juan, dave, Amby, iamaran, John137, IstenNyila, Alastair, Alex, johncl

14-03-2013 (Gunness)

It's been too long since the latest update and we have an embarassingly long backlog. Ouch. I'll do my best to get most of it out of the way within the next days. But I'm awfully pleased that you've all been so active.

Contributors: Amby, Starscream, devwebcl, iamaran, Alastair, Dorothy

17-02-2013 (Alastair)

Following the news in the previous update about the solution to a long unsolved BBC adventure comes news in this update about the solution to another long unsolved BBC adventure. Take a bow Crown of Mardan, though this time the problem in solving the game lay mostly in the fact that until recently a bug-free version was not available from the usual suspects.

Contributors: Gunness, Starscream, iamaran, Amby, Alastair, Mr Creosote, terri, Alex

Random Game

Wizard's Sword, The


You are the apprentice of a dying wizard. On his deathbed, the wizened mage charges you with the quest for his magical sword. You must retrieve it and restore its magic by finding the enchanted jewels that endow it with power. Once armed with the wizard's sword, you must rid the land of the evil Medusa.

In the course of your quest, you will meet a dragon, a dwarfish child, a menacing condor and even a famous film celebrity. As the old wizard warned you before he died, you will need to be cunning, clever and brave to fulfill the daunting tasks set for you.


This was adventure #1 in the SoftSide Adventure Series (formerly SoftSide Adventure of the Month Club). It was published as a bonus on SoftSide CV and DV (the cassette and disk versions) with instructions in SoftSide magazine, issue 38, vol. 6, no. 5, February 1983, pp. 50-51 and encoded hints in SoftSide, issue 39, vol. 6, no. 6, March 1983, p. 57.

This is called 'The Wizard's Sword' in the magazine, most of the instructions and the game itself and 'The Wizard's Sword Adventure' in the title screen for the instructions. The latter was written by SoftSide staff, not the original author, so the former is considered to be the correct title.

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