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Games - TADS (221 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
+= 3 David M. Baggett 1994 English
1893: A World's Fair Mystery Peter Nepstad 2003 English
2044 Space Troopers Angus R. McLaren 1994 English Solution
Aayela Magnus Olsson 1996 English Solution
Adventures of Helpfulman, The Philip Dearmore 2000 English
Aftermath Graham Somerville 2000 English Solution
Alien Abduction? Charles Gerlach 1996 English Solution
Amissville II William A. Tilli 2005 English
Amnesia Dustin Rhodes 2003 English Solution
Antiquest Anton Lastochkin 2017 English
Apprentice, The Saevar Benjaminsson ? English
April in Paris Jim Aikin 2008 English
Arrival, or Attack of the B-Movie Clich├ęs Stephen Granade 1998 English Solution
At Wit's End Mike Sousa 2000 English Hints
Augustine Terrence V. Koch 2002 English Solution
Babel Ian Finley 1997 English Solution, Hints
Ballymun Adventure Brendan Cribbin 2006 English Solution
Beetmonger's Journal, The Scott Starkey 2001 English Solution, Hints
Berrost's Challenge Mark Hatfield 2008 English Hints
Bio David Linder 2003 English Solution
Blind Andrew Metzger 2011 English
Bliss Cameron Wilkin 1999 English Solution, Hints
Bolivia by Night Aidan Doyle 2005 English
Broken Man, A Geoff Fortytwo 2006 English Solution
Calling All Heroes Nate Cull 1996 English
Captivity Jim Aikin 2020 English
Cerulean Stowaway Roger Descheneaux 2003 English
Chancellor Kevin Venzke 2005 English Hints
Chaos Shay Caron 1999 English
Cloak of Darkness Roger Firth 1999 English Solution, Map
Clock, The Cleopatra Kozlowski 2000 English Solution
Coast House, The Stephen Newton 2001 English Solution
Coffee Quest II Dog Solitude 2002 English Solution
Color and Number Steven Kollmansberger 2002 English Solution
Concrete Paradise Tyson Ibele 2002 English Solution
Cruise, The Norman Perlmutter 2001 English
Damp Camp, The James Dean, Jarvist Frost 1999 English Solution
Dark Angel Jerry Ford 2013 English
Deelzebub Jan Kim, Morgan Elrod-Erickson, Skyler Grandel 2020 English
Deep Space Drifter High Energy Software info 1990 English Solution
Delvyn William A. Tilli 2003 English
Desert Heat Papillon 2000 English
Ditch Day Drifter High Energy Software info 1990 English
Djinn! ? 1997 English
Dragon Resources Stories Peter Berman ? English
Durch den Spiegel Michael Baltes 2013 German
Elysium Enigma, The Eric Eve 2006 English Solution
End Means Escape, The Steve Kodat 2000 English Solution
End of He-Man!, The Hannes Schueller 2002 English
Enhanced Hans Persson 1995 English