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Games - TADS (217 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Legend Lives, The David Baggett 1994 English Solution
Lesson of the Tortoise, The G. Kevin Wilson 1997 English Solution
Lethe Flow Phoenix Dan Shiovitz 1995 English Solution
Life on Beal Street Ian Finley 1999 English
Light, The: Shelby's Addendum Colm A. McCarthy 1995 English Solution
Light's Tale, A Zach Flynn info 2004 English
Lightiania Gustav Bodel 1998 English Solution
Living Room Doug Jones, Peter Berman 2000 English Solution
Losing Your Grip Stephen Granade 1998 English
Lost Jeffrey Hersh ? English
Lost New York Neil deMause 1996 English
Lydia's Heart Jim Aikin 2007 English
Magic Geoff Fortytwo 2008 English Solution
Magic Realms: The Sword of Kasza James Mallette 1989 English
Magocracy Joseph Rheaume 2004 English Hints
Maiden of the Moonlight Brian P. Dean 1996 English Solution
Martha's Big Date Mary Potts 2010 English
Matter of Importance, A Valentine Kopteltsev 2007 English
Mean Streets Bad Dog Studios 2015 English
Mission, The Jim MacBrayne info 1990 English
Mix Tape Brett Witty 2005 English Solution
Moment of Hope, A Simmon Keith 1999 English
Moonbase Mike Eckardt 2002 English
Mrs. Pepper’s Nasty Secret Eric Eve, Jim Aikin 2008 English Map
Myth Barry Volain 1997 English Solution
Night at the Museum Forever, A Chris Angelini 1995 English Solution
Night Guest, A Valentine Kopteltsev 2001 English
No Quiero Verla Comely 2016 Spanish
No Time To Squeal Mike Sousa 2001 English Solution
Not Much Time Tyson Ibele 2002 English Solution
Nothing but Mazes Greg Boettcher 2019 English
Obscene Quest of Dr. Aardvarkbarf, The Gary Roggin 1997 English Solution
Off the Trolley Krisztian Kaldi 2005 English Solution
On the Farm Lenny Pitts 1999 English Solution
Once and Future Cascade Mountain Publishing 1998 English Solution
One That Got Away, The Leon Lin 1995 English Solution
One Week Papillon 2001 English
Oracle, The ? 2002 English Solution
Past Tense Dave Nault 1996 English
PC University Neil deMause 1989 English
Perdition's Flames High Energy Software info 1993 English Map
Pesach Adventure, The ? ? English
Pionierin und die Tragödie des telematischen Typewriters, Die Michael Baltes 2012 German
Planet of the Infinite Minds Alfredo Garcia 2000 English Solution
Plant, The Michael J. Roberts 1998 English Solution
Poor Zefron's Almanac Carl Klutzke 1997 English
PTBAD 3 Jonathan Berman 2004 English
Quest Roger Plowman 1979 English
Realm, The Michael Sheldon 2004 English Solution
Reconciling Mother Plone Glenn 2007 English