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Latest update: 16.09.2016

Here is a list of my favourite emulators for a number of 8-bit machines. The list is strictly a matter of personal taste! The emulators all run on Windows/DOS, which I use myself, but many of them are also available for other systems. (Jacob Gunness)

Multiple systems:

MESS v0.177 - Multiple Emulator Super System [emulates just about every 8-bit computer imaginable, from BBC and C64 to Atmos and Dragon 64. While often not as versatile as a dedicated single-machine emulator, it is very easy to use for those of you who can't be bothered to figure out 20 different programs. It does not include the system ROMs needed to run the individual computers]
SDLMESS (for Mac OS X)


Best emulator: CaPriCe v4.2.0
Best alternative: WinApe v2.0a8

Apple II:

Best emulator: AppleWin v1.25.0.4
Best alternative: Apple Oasis v2.6


Best emulator: ArcEm v1.50
Best alternative: Arculator v0.99

Atari 8-bit:

Best emulator: Atari 800 Win PLus v4.1


Best emulator: B-em v2.2
Best alternative BeebEm v4.14
(for the Electron, look at Elkulator v1.0 or ElectrEm v0.6c)

Commodore C64:

Best emulator: VICE v2.4
Best alternative: CCS64 v3.9.2

Dragon and Tandy CoCo:

Best Emulator: XRoar 0.32 (Win, Mac and others)


Best emulator: fMSX v4.7
Best alternative: NLMSX v0.48


Best emulator: EuphORIC v1
Best alternative: ?


Best emulator: EmuZWin v2.7
Best alternatives: Klive v1.1 and SPIN v0.666


Check for the various emulators available.


Best emulator: VICE v2.4