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Mel Croucher - July 2018
Scott Adams - July 2018
Charles Cecil - July 2018
Mike McKeown - May 2018
Richard Alexander - July 2016
Tony Lee Morales - May 2015
Brian Howarth - August 2013
Keith Campbell tribute, by Simon Marsh - September 2008
Tony Barber, Valkyrie 17 - October 2006
Trevor Hall and Ian Pare, Twin Kingdom Valley revisited - October 2006
Keith Campbell, C&VG's adventure guru - October 2005
Graeme Yeandle, author of The Quill - February 2000
Trevor Hall, Twin Kingdom Valley - November 1999
Dorothy Millard, author - August 1999

Author's notes:

Short of a full-blown interview, the authors below have added comments for their games

Arjun Nair
Barrie M. Eaton
Chris Shrigley
David Karam
Gary Bedrosian
Jim MacBrayne
John Betteridge
Jonathan Ormond
Linda Wright
Maz Spork
Mike Gerrard
Mike Meineck
Philip L. Ramsay
Simon Lipscomb
Steve Hodgson
Steve Masters