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This site wouldn't be what it is without the help of an awful lot of people around the globe! Below is a list of CASA users who have contributed documents, reviews and/or game information. In other words, it's not a complete user list.

Users are awarded:

  • 1 point for solutions, maps, hint contributions and reviews
  • 0.5 point for approved game information

...all leading towards the much coveted rank of local Dungeon Master (150 points)

Gunness2050.5Dungeon master
Alex1555.0Dungeon master
Garry1268.0Dungeon master
Dorothy980.5Dungeon master
iamaran609.5Dungeon master
dave575.0Dungeon master
terri510.5Dungeon master
Strident412.0Dungeon master
Mr Creosote339.5Dungeon master
Alastair295.0Dungeon master
Kozelek238.5Dungeon master
Richard Bos216.0Dungeon master
Sudders215.5Dungeon master
Juan165.0Dungeon master
Sylvester130.0Expert dragonslayer
Doreen B104.0Expert dragonslayer
WhenIWasCruel102.5Expert dragonslayer
Ken Hart93.0Expert dragonslayer
THayes91.0Expert dragonslayer
zjuric89.0Expert dragonslayer
gamingafter4083.5Expert dragonslayer
Eriorg76.0Seasoned adventurer
impomatic63.0Seasoned adventurer
Mark60.5Seasoned adventurer
Amby54.0Seasoned adventurer
jgerrie47.0Seasoned adventurer
Zuperfaust42.0Seasoned adventurer
Starscream41.5Seasoned adventurer
Geoff38.0Seasoned adventurer
Stefano36.0Seasoned adventurer
wilko007034.0Seasoned adventurer
Vaxalon34.0Seasoned adventurer
Darkiss33.0Seasoned adventurer
FredrikR31.0Seasoned adventurer
mike_myers30.5Seasoned adventurer
ahope130.5Seasoned adventurer
Mousey29.0Novice explorer
Marky Boy29.0Novice explorer
pippa28.0Novice explorer
ChickenMan27.5Novice explorer
Rene van Hasselaar27.0Novice explorer
auraes24.0Novice explorer
stevenjameshodgson19.5Budding spelunker
Odd Magne Ogreid19.0Budding spelunker
stuwhyte19.0Budding spelunker
leenew18.0Budding spelunker
devwebcl17.0Budding spelunker
farique15.5Budding spelunker
Barbara Gibb15.0Budding spelunker
rwap14.0Budding spelunker
Ian Preston14.0Budding spelunker
IstenNyila13.5Budding spelunker
therealdavetaylor13.5Budding spelunker
fuzzel13.0Budding spelunker
Dom12.0Budding spelunker
Sherwin Robb12.0Budding spelunker
benkid7711.5Budding spelunker
dv811.0Budding spelunker
m1337sxm-casa11.0Budding spelunker
Phoebe Fuentes9.5Lamp rubber
karvic9.0Lamp rubber
stefanm9.0Lamp rubber
boldir9.0Lamp rubber
adventuron9.0Lamp rubber
SDon788.5Lamp rubber
Tinker8.0Lamp rubber
Chris Thompson8.0Lamp rubber
Ambat Sasi Nair8.0Lamp rubber
nimusi8.0Lamp rubber
tekket7.5Lamp rubber
LTee7.0Lamp rubber
Erudite Troglodyte7.0Lamp rubber
Alex Cattaneo7.0Lamp rubber
swobi7.0Lamp rubber
Quantum6.5Lamp rubber
RetroBasic6.0Lamp rubber
rockersuke6.0Lamp rubber
Jonathan Blask6.0Lamp rubber
CJ_Egern6.0Lamp rubber
Guido6.0Lamp rubber
Andrew Barker6.0Lamp rubber
computerclassics6.0Lamp rubber
einar5.5Lamp rubber
rpettigrew5.5Lamp rubber
Dave Edwards5.0Lamp rubber
greybeard335.0Lamp rubber
jdyer5.0Lamp rubber
ASchultz5.0Lamp rubber
Ricardo Ferreira5.0Lamp rubber
lordroberts5.0Lamp rubber
blurgle5.0Lamp rubber
NomadColossus4.5Lamp rubber
df4.5Lamp rubber
GusBrasil4.5Lamp rubber
QN4.0Lamp rubber
Samwise4.0Lamp rubber
sky-non4.0Lamp rubber
Bob Withers4.0Lamp rubber
razors4.0Lamp rubber
Jason Davis4.0Lamp rubber
barrie.eaton4.0Lamp rubber
billy77204.0Lamp rubber
zenobifan4.0Lamp rubber
DannieGeeko4.0Lamp rubber
Jonathan Ormond4.0Lamp rubber
boojumsnark4.0Lamp rubber
dunjenkeepa3.5Lamp rubber
Dohi3.5Lamp rubber
steveinuk3.0Lamp rubber
Finn Bolding3.0Lamp rubber
johncl3.0Lamp rubber
William Heckadon3.0Lamp rubber
urbanghost3.0Lamp rubber
Luke Wilson3.0Lamp rubber
E. Yoong3.0Lamp rubber
Porkbelly2.5Cave troll
Highretrogamelord2.5Cave troll
dcruze2.5Cave troll
Manuel Schulz2.5Cave troll
Plissken2.5Cave troll
redhighlander2.5Cave troll
Alekin2.5Cave troll
Gregory Quinn2.0Cave troll
Sheree2.0Cave troll
Roy Fisher2.0Cave troll
Ross2.0Cave troll
Ger K2.0Cave troll
Terry Stewart2.0Cave troll
Jim Groom2.0Cave troll
Viktor Drozd2.0Cave troll
Darren Kuhn2.0Cave troll
Dimitris Kiminas2.0Cave troll
Vicko Vitasovic2.0Cave troll
Andrew Williams2.0Cave troll
Carol Pedder2.0Cave troll
John Barnsley2.0Cave troll
Marco2.0Cave troll
kritikov2.0Cave troll
Kim Stevens2.0Cave troll
C64.COM2.0Cave troll
Mike Gerrard2.0Cave troll
Akkroid2.0Cave troll
John1372.0Cave troll
fgerbig2.0Cave troll
Pti.Jedi2.0Cave troll
Martyn Amos2.0Cave troll
Andrew Edney2.0Cave troll
Mark Chester2.0Cave troll
Marco Lanaro2.0Cave troll
Magunov Sergey2.0Cave troll
Destiny1.5Cave troll
Payndz1.5Cave troll
engineerWolf1.5Cave troll
Vran1.5Cave troll
rsa1.5Cave troll
Nicholas1.5Cave troll
Michael Schmidt1.0Cave troll
Michael Robertson1.0Cave troll
R.E. Smith1.0Cave troll
MegaForce1.0Cave troll
Oistein Ihle1.0Cave troll
Sean Murphy1.0Cave troll
Robert Henderson1.0Cave troll
Neil Shipman1.0Cave troll
Richard Batey1.0Cave troll
Nicolas Langlois1.0Cave troll
pidde1.0Cave troll
danowar1.0Cave troll
dakidski1.0Cave troll
Justananomaly1.0Cave troll
Eric Cubizolle1.0Cave troll
ballyhoo20001.0Cave troll
pgb221.0Cave troll
RexxKwonDO1.0Cave troll
chlamydiamagic1.0Cave troll
bbc_nettle1.0Cave troll
Jewwbat1.0Cave troll
Andre Leao1.0Cave troll
fresel1.0Cave troll
wellv1.0Cave troll
Germanc64.de1.0Cave troll
dwest1.0Cave troll
Ton Kroon1.0Cave troll
W. Doherty1.0Cave troll
TJBAD1.0Cave troll
Steve Ludlow1.0Cave troll
Stefan Meier1.0Cave troll
W. Gravelle1.0Cave troll
William Quinn1.0Cave troll
Matthew Holmes1.0Cave troll
Dave_E1.0Cave troll
smartgenes1.0Cave troll
Scott Stilphen1.0Cave troll
Gwyneth Sutton1.0Cave troll
Shawn B. Ryan1.0Cave troll
Jesper Hvid1.0Cave troll
Chip Hayes1.0Cave troll
Mark Eaton1.0Cave troll
Blood1.0Cave troll
Matthew Barton1.0Cave troll
B.R. Pell1.0Cave troll
D. Jones1.0Cave troll
Daulichen Victor1.0Cave troll
Duncan Cross1.0Cave troll
Dominick Rampa1.0Cave troll
David Whyld1.0Cave troll
David Lacey1.0Cave troll
B. Steele1.0Cave troll
Anthony Deakin1.0Cave troll
stonic1.0Cave troll
john501.0Cave troll
thomasboevith1.0Cave troll
buxdan1.0Cave troll
Terry1.0Cave troll
Angus1.0Cave troll
Anthony Cleary1.0Cave troll
Andrew Harrison1.0Cave troll
Alebo1.0Cave troll
A. Harrison1.0Cave troll
Emily Shields1.0Cave troll
Bev Truter1.0Cave troll
Kevin Oates1.0Cave troll
Kabish1.0Cave troll
John D. Ryan1.0Cave troll
Jim Bakman1.0Cave troll
Khalid Jamil1.0Cave troll
Kozisek Radovan1.0Cave troll
Martin Brunner1.0Cave troll
Matt Forbes1.0Cave troll
Erik Futtrup1.0Cave troll
Leon Rajman1.0Cave troll
Jerry Cornelius1.0Cave troll
Kevin Lindley1.0Cave troll
Gabriel1.0Cave troll
Jeffrey Hoeksma1.0Cave troll
FijneWIET1.0Cave troll
I. Delafield1.0Cave troll
Graeme Cree1.0Cave troll
Jack Lockerby1.0Cave troll
Jackie Holt1.0Cave troll
Csabo0.5Cave troll
Dethmunk0.5Cave troll
dbrimley0.5Cave troll
travelkev0.5Cave troll
apel0.5Cave troll
Oighen0.5Cave troll
ChrisJT0.5Cave troll
Tapo0.5Cave troll
Vaz0.5Cave troll
bykfiend420.5Cave troll
Paul Bradbury0.5Cave troll
CFS0.5Cave troll
Keetie0.5Cave troll
calavandriel0.5Cave troll
Groundhog0.5Cave troll
FacilityOrgasmus0.5Cave troll
Tex0.5Cave troll
sparkyrob0.5Cave troll
DataPro0.5Cave troll
Ric Sattler0.5Cave troll
Nameless0.5Cave troll
carlsson0.5Cave troll
gasilva0.5Cave troll
Ducky0.5Cave troll
hipolitopichardo0.5Cave troll
Lacika0.5Cave troll
DrMaxP0.5Cave troll