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Games - TADS (217 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Eric's Gift Joao Mendes 2002 English
Erudition Chamber, The Daniel Freas 2003 English Solution
Escape from the Arboretum ? ? English
Evacuate Jeff Rissman 2002 English Solution
Everybody Loves a Parade Cody Sandifer 1997 English
Evolution ? ? English
Exhibition Ian Finley 1999 English
Fake News Mike Sousa 2017 English
Firebird Bonnie Montgomery 1998 English Solution
Flug, Der Zoltan Carnovasch 2003 German
Fog Convict Andrew Metzger 2011 English
Foom Piers Johnson 1995 English
Four in One J. Robinson Wheeler 1998 English
Four Seconds Jason Reigstad 1999 English Solution
Four Symbols, The Adventure Workshop, The info, FSF Adventures 1993 English Solution
Frenetic Five vs. Sturm und Drang, The Neil deMause 1997 English Solution
Frustration Jim MacBrayne info 1992 English Solution
Fun and Games Ian Finley 2000 English Solution
Fusillade Mike Duncan 2001 English Solution
Futz Mutz Tim Simmons 2000 English Solution
GC: A Thrashing Parity Bit of the Mind David Baggett ? English
George ? 1997 English
Gilded John Evans 2005 English
Glowgrass Nate Cull 1997 English
Golden Fleece, The Jim MacBrayne info 1989 English Solution
Golden Skull, The Michael J. Roberts ? English
Granite Book, The James Mitchelhill 2002 English
Grayscale Daniel Freas 2001 English Hints
Grue-Knapped! Amster Productions, Fictitious Frobshire, FSF Adventures 1990 English Solution
High Tech Drifter High Energy Software info 1988 English
Hill Ridge Lost & Found Jeremy Pflasterer 2016 English
Holy Grail, The Jim MacBrayne info 1989 English Solution, Hints
Horror of Rylvania, the Dave A. Leary info 1993 English
I don't remember why this game is called "Onion" Dan Shiovitz 1999 English
I Must Play Geoff Fortytwo 2004 English Solution
Indigo Emily Short 2011 English
Inheritance Eric Toth ? English Solution
Island, The Andrew Brown 2012 English
It Emily Boegheim 2011 English
Jarod's Journey Tim Emmerich 2000 English
John's Fire Witch Michael J. Roberts 1995 English Solution, Map
Journey From an Islet Mario Becroft 2001 English Solution
Kaged Ian Finley 2000 English Solution
Kallisti James Mitchelhill 2001 English
Kissing the Buddha's Feet Leon Lin 1996 English Solution
Koustrea's Contentment Jeremy Pflasterer 2015 English
Kurusu City Kevin Venzke 2004 English Hints
Landing, The Neil K. Guy 1998 English
Lawn of Love Santoonie Corporation 2006 English
Learning to Cross Mark Musante 1998 English