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Cloak of Darkness

Roger Firth 1999

Roger Firth
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Garry, Gunness, Strident



It's a rainy November night and you have sought refuge from the rain in the brightly-lit foyer of the opera house. When you remove your cloak, you are surprised that there aren't more people about. Perhaps you could nip into the bar for a drink...


This is a simple game that is used as a benchmark when comparing different adventure authoring systems. This allows the beginning adventure programmer to compare the source code for the same game for each system. The original game was written by Roger Firth. Implementations are known for the following systems:

A-code, written by Mike Arnautov in ????
AAS, written by Roddy Ramieson in 2003
ADRIFT 3.9, written by Campbell Wild in 1999
Adventuron, written by Chris Ainsley in 2018
AGI, written by ??? in ????
AGT, written by Al Golden in 1999
Aiee!, written by Mark Hughes in 2003
AIFT, written by Dennis Merritt in 2004
Alan 2.8, written by Stephen Griffiths in 1999
Alan 3.0, ported from the 2.8 version by Thomas Nilsson in 2008
AWK, written by Nick Moffitt in 2005
CAT, written by Philip Richmond in 2000
GAC, written by Richard Bos for ZX Spectrum
Hugo, written by John Menichelli & Kent Tessman in 1999
IAGE, written by Robin Rawson-Tetley in 2001
Inform 6, written by Roger Firth in 1999
Inform 7, written by Emily Short & Graham Nelson in 2007
JACL, written by Stuart Allen in ????
LADS, written by Bob Newell in 2003
PAW, written by Richard Bos for ZX Spectrum
PAW, written by Gareth Pitchford in 2020
PAWS* 1.0, written by Neil Cerutti in 1999
PAWS* 1.1, ported from the 1.0 version by Roger Plowman in 2002
Quest 4, written by Alex Warren in 2003
Quill, written by Richard Bos for ZX Spectrum
SAGA, written by Sam Trenholme in 2007
Sinclair BASIC by Richard Bos, using magazine/book frameworks
SUDS, written by Roger Firth in 1999
TAB, written by Philip Richmond.
TADS 2, written by Dan Shiovitz in 1999
TADS 3, written by Steve Breslin in 2004

* This PAWS is not Gilsoft's PAWS but Roger Plowman's Python Adventure Writing System; abbreviated here as PythonAWS.

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by Garry
by Garry
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