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Adventure 1

Abersoft info, CP Software, Melbourne House 1982

Colossal Caves (CP Software), Classic Adventure (Melbourne House)
John Jones-Steele info
Amstrad CPC info, BBC/Electron info, C64/128 info, MSX/MSX2, Sinclair QL info, Spectrum, ZX81
Treasure hunt
Colossal Caves [1: Colossal Cave Adventure, 2: Microsoft Adventure, 3: Pyramid 2000, 4: Adventure, 5: Advent, 6: Adventure, 7: Classic Adventure, 8: Original Adventure, The, 9: Adventure 1, 10: Colossal Adventure, 11: Adventure, 12: Adventure, 13: Colossal Cave Adventure, 14: Colossal Cave Adventure, 15: Serf's Tale, The, 16: Colossal Cave, 17: Adventure, 18: Aventura Original, La, 19: Colossal Cave Adventure, 20: Colossal Cave Adventure, 21: Adventure: A Modern Classic, 22: Colossal Cave, The, 23: Colossal Cave, 24: Treasure Adventure]
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Classic Adventure was the first major computer game and now it's become a classic in its own time. This exciting new release of Classic Adventure will enable you to slay dragons, find hidden treasures and bribe trolls: and as your skill increases through more and more victories and discoveries, you too can become a master adventurer.


A relatively capable reissue of the classic Colossal Caves adventure, released multiple times, by multiple publishers on multiple platforms.

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User Comments

Exemptus (12-12-2019 09:03)

The ZX81 edition by Abersoft (1982) differs from other versions in the following points:

* The maximum score is 140 points.
* The bridge troll does not exist, and hence neither does the golden eggs puzzle. The eggs are a normal treasure.
* The dwarf and pirate do not exist, and neither does the pirate chest. The pirate maze is still there but does not serve a purpose.
* The lamp does not run out of batteries, and the vending machine (and associated maze) are not there either.
* The bottle is initially empty of water, and has to be filled first before watering the plant. Besides, the bottle cannot be filled at the stream, reservoir, or other locations except for the bottom of the canyon where a stream runs (down the Edge of Small Pit).
* There is no flute - the snake can be dealt with just by dropping the cage with the bird.
* There is a bug related to the number of objects that can be carried. Under some circumstances this number is reduced to three, which makes it very difficult to manage some sections. It is unclear what triggers the bug.