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Micro Power info 1982

Atom Adventure, Electron Adventure
J. Spilsbury
Atom info, BBC/Electron info
Treasure hunt
Colossal Caves [1: Colossal Cave Adventure, 2: Microsoft Adventure, 3: Pyramid 2000, 4: Adventure, 5: Advent, 6: Adventure, 7: Classic Adventure, 8: Original Adventure, The, 9: Adventure 1, 10: Colossal Adventure, 11: Adventure, 12: Adventure, 13: Colossal Cave Adventure, 14: Colossal Cave Adventure, 15: Serf's Tale, The, 16: Colossal Cave, 17: Adventure, 18: Aventura Original, La, 19: Colossal Cave Adventure, 20: Colossal Cave Adventure, 21: Adventure: A Modern Classic, 22: Colossal Cave, The, 23: Colossal Cave, 24: Treasure Adventure]
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dave, Gunness, iamaran, Strident



The object of the game is to collect as much treasure as possible, visit as many different locations as possible but most of all, to stay alive. To explore the fantasy world of this adventure you must tell the computer what to do. the computer is your eyes and ears and will tell you where you are, what you can see, etc.

Commands available to you include TAKE an object, LOOK, GO NORTH, USE and object, INVENTORY which will tell you what you are carrying and SCORE to find out how many points you have gained. There are many more but part of the adventure is to discover them.

You could be surprised by what the computer can understand. There is no harm in trying. If you do get stuck, go back and explore a different section of the adventure. You may find something that could be useful.

Stories that you should read during your adventure include Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves and Aladdin.

Rats are afraid of owls. Owls are afraid of the light.


This game is heavily inspired by the original Adventure but deviates from it in a number of areas, including the fact that your primary goal is to rescue a princess from a cave system.

Named Atom Adventure in early Program Power advertising (such as C&VG issue 6, page 12). Not to be confused with the Hopesoft game Atom Adventure or the compilation from Acornsoft. Referred to as Electron Adventure on the BBC version's inlay.

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User Comments

Tinker (10-08-2013 01:58)

Play using the fixed version of the game - download link on the left. This lets the BBC version run properly from disk & adds a small but crucial enhancement so that the game recognizes successful completion of the adventure, unlike the original!

euph (28-10-2013 16:33)


I'm brand new to all of this.

Adventure was the first game I ever played on a PC, I'm very happy that I've found it again. Thanks for putting it up :)

I'm having a problem running the disk image listed here.

I'm running beebem unix (on Arch Linux). When I load the the ssd as a disk, the emulator just resets. Typing RUN does nothing, just brings me back to an empty prompt with no output.

This is what is output to the terminal when I load the disk image, using "Select, Load, and run a disk":

Loading CMOS RAM.
Loading teletext font: '/usr/share/beebem/resources/teletext.fnt'
Loading CMOS RAM.
Loading teletext font: '/usr/share/beebem/resources/teletext.fnt'

Any ideas?

Tinker (22-12-2013 00:44)

It looks like the image was corrupted on uploading. I'll arrange to get it replaced with the correct image.

euph (06-02-2014 11:52)

Thanks Tinker. I'd much appreciate it.

Tinker (08-03-2014 09:18)

In the meantime, you can grab a working version from the forums where I've attached it to the following post:



Exemptus (17-10-2021 21:18)

The original Atom version is identical to the BBC's, bugs included. The top possible score seems to be 730, unless I missed a shortcut. Not a brilliant game by any metric, with a few "lexical trick" puzzles (the Ming vase is particularly awful), but it's fine as a exercise in maze-mapping and sequencing for max score.