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Adventure 1 (Adventure_1.txt)

Adventure 1 by Abersoft

In, get lamp, plugh.

On, look, south, get silver, north, plover, north-east, get 
pyramid, south, plover, plugh, drop silver, drop pyramid, 

Get rod, east, get cage, pit, east, drop rod, get bird, get 
rod, west, down, west, get flute, east, down, play flute, 
drop flute, free bird, drop cage, west, get coins, east, 
up, west, wave rod, drop rod, west, get diamonds, east, 
east, south, get nugget, north, down, south, get jewellery, 
north, secret, west, kill dragon, get rug, east, east, 
north, north, plugh, drop coins, drop diamond, drop nugget, 
drop rug, drop jewellery, get bottle, plugh.

South, down, west, down, west, west, east, get pillow, 
west, oriental, get vase, south-east, west, west, down, 
pour water, up, west, up, reservoir, get water, south, 
south down, south, down, pour water, up, east, down, get 
oil, up, west, down, climb, west, get eggs, north, pour 
oil, drop bottle, north, get trident, west, down, south-
east, south-east, north-east, east, north, open clam, down, 
down, get pearl, up, up, south, up, east, up, north, plugh, 
drop pillow, drop vase, drop trident, drop pearl, get keys, 
get food, plugh.

South, down, west, down, west, west, oriental, west, south-
west, up, throw eggs, north-east, north-east, barren, east, 
feed bear, unlock, get chain, get bear, west, fork, north-
east, east, get spices, fork, west, west, free bear, south-
west, south-west, down, south-east, north, west, drop keys, 
drop spices, drop chain, drop lamp, east, get emerald, 
west, get keys, get spices, get chain get lamp, north-west, 
south, south-east, west, west, down, climb, west, fee fie 
foe foo, look, get eggs, south, east, up, east, east, 
north-east, east, up, east, up, north, plugh, drop eggs, 
drop spices, drop chain, drop emerald.

South, south, up, west, west, west, south, east, south, 
south, south, north, east, north, east, north-west, get 
chest, south-east, north, down, east, east, xyzy, drop 
chest, plugh.

West, north, east, south, south, unlock grate, down, west, 
west, west, west, west, down, score (note 1), south-west, 
take rod, north-east, drop rod, south-west, blast.


1. You need to type score here otherwise you cannot go 

2. There are two versions of this game.  The first version 
which is a TZX file features a white background with 
black text.  It is impossible to finish this version as 
there is a bug in the program.  Once you have collected 
the bear, you need to go back to the bridge and release 
the bear to scare the troll away.  If you attempt to do 
this you are told that you don't have the bear.  This is 
despite the fact that the bear appears in your inventory!  
The other version is a TAP file and features a black 
background with white and yellow text.  This is the only 
version which it is possible to finish.

3. This is a very close copy of the classic Adventure game 
by Crowther and Woods.  The solution is adapted from the 
Adventure walkthrough by Julian Fleetwood.
4. The game was re-released by CP Software as Colossal Caves 
and Melbourne House as Classic Adventure.  This solution 
will also work with both those games.

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