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Games - Dean Hodgson (4 results)

A former teacher, Dean Hodgson had an extensive career producing education-related programs and games, including several text adventures and an adventure writing system.

Speaking about his games in an interview in 2008, Dean said:

I wrote my version of Journey to the Centre of the Earth based on the novel, The Lost City of Mars based on Ray Bradbury's story and The Main in the Maze based on Robert Silverberg's novel. There were also a bunch of original ones, too.

I wrote the authorised versions of Granny's Garden for the C64 and Amstrad and the first PC version. The Lost City of Mars was an early text adventure that would be nice to revisit - there's an image of rusting robots at the bottom of a canal... There were many database programs. Pathweaver was a program that let teachers and children write their own text adventure games. Graphics were introduced later and I did a complete rewrite called Trailblazer but it was never released.

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Cave Explorer Pyramid Software ? English Solution
Jara-Tava: The Isle of Fire Satchel 1988 English Solution, Map, Hints
Spooky House Adventure Guild, The info, Pyramid Software 1983 English Solution
Treasure Island Pyramid Software 1983 English Solution