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Dome Trooper

Matand Software info 1986

Matthew Holmes
Quill, The/AdventureWriter info
Science fiction, Spy/secret agent
Entered by:
Gunness, Sudders



In a far and distant future....

As the world's population grew our cities became dangerously overcrowded.

With nowhere left to build - a solution was found by the world's governments - massive city domes were to be built. These domes would be constructed on the ground where the old crime and disease ridden cities stood. Whole areas were cleared using advanced weapons creating vast deserts. Most of the populous were happy to be at last given a much higher quality of life, but some who fed off the despair created in the old world were not so happy...

Those who refused to comply with the new world order took supplies and equipment to start new lives away from the Domes. These people soon became jealous of the Dome dwellers and soon turned to crime whilst visiting the domes to trade. Life was much tougher on the outside and tensions grew between communities. This escalated into fighting and a tough new policing was needed to protect the Dome's from attack from the outsiders - the Dome Troopers. Heavily armed defence walls were erected.

You were chosen to be a Dome Trooper and posted to City Dome Alpha. It is your role to protect the people and the dome itself. Intelligence suggests that the 'Desert Rebels' have already infiltrated undercover agents into the Dome. They also have many friends who benefit through illegal trade in arms and contraband.

Your contacts tell of their plan to manufacture a drug so powerful and addictive - death will follow within days of taking your first 'fix'. It's name is HAD - High Addiction Drug. To make matters worse they plan to contaminate the dome's self-contained and highly precious food and water supply with this drug.

If the rebels are successful the whole city is at risk and all will be lost. The rebels will have secured their first stronghold. An official 'neutral zone' was declared as the first tensions arouse. The rebels chose to ignore this 'safe' area and after the defence walls were built the attacks became more and more aggressive. Now the neutral zone is a place of extreme danger. No one ever steps outside the defence wall if they value their lives.

You know your mission, Dome Trooper - City Dome Alpha depends on you.

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