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Search for the Sacred Stone

Mikel F. Rice 1986

Mikel F. Rice
Mainframe info, PC info
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iamaran, Strident



Having completed most of your graduate studies at the nearby university, you need only a few more credit hours to obtain your bachelor's degree in Archaeology. Yesterday one of your favorite professors pulled you aside with an incredible opportunity; one that he felt you simply couldn't refuse.

Recently your professor learned of a previously unknown archaeological treasure. It seems that a heretofore undiscovered tribe - upon which a team of explorers stumbled during an expedition last month - possess a rare and valuable blue quartz-diamond, supposedly hidden deep in a jungle temple. Unfortunately this tribe has proven to be very hostile to outsiders. The natives consider the stone to be sacred and will not take kindly to anyone who violates their holy sanctuary in an attempt to recover it.

The professor offers to let you gain some valuable experience and earn your degree early if only you can bring back the Sacred Stone. The professor informs you that several rival universities are also aware of this new information and will undoubtedly be hunting for this valuable relic simply for the prestige of finding it. A sparkle appears in your eyes as you accept the dangerous challenge!


Mike's (now archived) website lists that work began on the Microsoft Windows port of the game in June 2004. He describes it as "a text adventure from my past", indicating that the original IBM mainframe version was produced much earlier; perhaps the 1986 date we have currently in CASA? The official release date of the Windows port was 21/2/06.

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