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MONDAY Adventure, The

Greg Stratakes, Mikel F. Rice 1986

Greg Stratakes, Mikel F. Rice
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iamaran, Strident



Hi there! I want you to meet Kent Clark. That's him lying unconscious on the beach. I'll introduce you when he comes to. You see, Kent is pretty irresponsible, and this time he has landed, or should I say wrecked, himself into some real trouble. It all started like this...

Saturday, Kent was cruising around the bay in his parents' new boat, having a good old time. After the first 5 beers Kent was playing "chicken" with sailboats and swamping small "John boats" with his wake.

It was once the first case of beer was emptied that Kent really lost his sensibilities. Kent spotted some young ladies waving to him from the upper deck of large luxury cruise liner. Kent followed the ship, waving and shouting, until he was several miles out into the ocean. Eventually Kent got bored following the cruise ship and sped off looking for more fun and adventure.

It was several more miles out at sea, when Kent ran out of beer and the boat ran out of gas. Large waves battered the new boat, tossing it like a toy. Of course, Kent tossed up a bit too! Suddenly the boat smashed heavily into some rocks throwing an unconscious Kent into the rough waters.

After having washed up on the beach of this now deserted island on Sunday, lying unconscious for hours, coming to several times, passing out several more times, throwing up beer and salt water, and listening to the construction crew in his head pound violently, Kent groggily sat up. Even though it was stormy most of Sunday, Kent has very bad sunburn - you can call him lobster boy for at least a week. Kent is weak, hungry, dehydrated and basically exhausted.

What a Monday... what a MONDAY Adventure!


The Windows port of the game is listed on Mike's (now archived) website as early as 2003; it also appeared in Baf's Guide in a 2001 entry.

Presumably the 1986 date in the CASA database is incorrect or refers to an earlier version of the game.

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