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Peter Hempel 1986

Peter Hempel
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Liberate the land from the evil Murdlok! Reflection, not recklessness will guide you to your goal!

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by Alex
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User Comments

Kozelek (14-07-2018 07:36)

Is there anyone playing this game? I am making some progress on it, but got stuck... Now I have the glass panel, green bottle (empty, so I guess I have to find water for it) and spade. My current problems are some blazing flames in a cave, a dark grotto, a locked gate and some weird hollow stump with a rat. Anyone managed to go further than me?

Kozelek (14-07-2018 07:37)

By the way, there is an english version to this game:

Alex (18-07-2018 15:53)

Yes I started playing this a few months ago. I drew a map, but I didn't finish the game yet because at the moment I 'm a bit too busy. But I will play it again in a few weeks time.

Kozelek (19-07-2018 21:21)

Cool! I found an oil lamp, and a mysterious sword in granite! But I think it’s going to get harder to proceed from now on... It will be great to play this game along with you, it's so much more fun to play games with other people :)

Alex (20-07-2018 15:06)

Ok, fine. I'll start a new topic on this game on the forum after I return from the summer camp with my boy scout group and we can try to solve it together.

Lowe (22-08-2018 13:25)

Also stuck. I suppose the glass panel mentioned in the previous post is the panel in the tree house so I have that. But I cannot locate the sword, lamp and spade. As for the stump you have to examine it twice. You will find a gold sheet that will allow you to open the gate. I'll not spoiler further but feel free to ask if in need. Cannot help with grotto and flaming caves. I suspect there's help beyond the gate (I've been there) but I need at least one of the items you have.

Alex (23-08-2018 11:04)

I'll look into it, but I was playing the German version.

Alex (23-08-2018 16:23)

I've started a topic on the forum with some hints