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Modern technology has come a long way since the old days and every step forward has been brought about by scientists and inventors eager to improve the "lot" of the masses. And with each successive "improvement" there have been many less obvious endeavours afoot. For behind all the "glitz" and the "flash" there must also be a great deal of attention paid to the relative safety of the products and systems that are thrust upon the waiting masses.

So it was with the invention of the aeroplane - and all other "flying" things - because when man entrusts himself to a method of travel that he was never really intended for it must be ensured that all efforts will be made to return him to ground safely. With this in mind the scientists perfected, or so they thought, a system that would guard against any such events and thereby a safe and reliable journey to all parts of the globe. However nothing is ever "100%" and even this new system could not cope with everything - nothing is ever that good.


For years now you had been planning this trip and even though it was to take you almost halfway around the world you felt secure in the knowledge that present-day air-travel was about the safest way to travel there was - or so you had been told by the nice girl behind the travel-agency counter.

It had long been your wish to visit friends far away and now was the time to take that chance. So you booked your ticket, put the cat in the cattery, cancelled the milk and set out on the journey of a lifetime.

The in-flight meal had been enjoyable and you had found yourself falling asleep in the middle of the in-flight movie - one of those "all-action" epics that always seem more vivid than the real thing - and so when you awoke to find the cabin slowly but surely filling with smoke you thought for a moment that you were still half-asleep and that it was the film that was occupying your thoughts. However, a quick glance around soon convinced you otherwise ... this was for REAL!!!

Will you be able to find a way out of the aircraft, and if so, what is there waiting for you on the outside ... Only time and an inventive mind will tell.

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Strident (01-04-2020 18:17)

Note: When following the solution, when it comes to SEARCH MUD... if you can't find anything, you may need to first WAIT repeatedly for the old woman to appear.