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Secret Garden, The

Jonathan Ormond info 1986

Secret Garden
Jonathan Ormond info
Assembler, BASIC info
Archimedes info, BBC/Electron info
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dave, iamaran, Jonathan O



Every day, you take the same path to work, which takes you along one of the dreariest imaginable back alleys. One grey November evening you are trudging home when you notice something very odd: a door in the alley wall which you are quite sure was never there before. You could hardly have missed it, as it is bright yellow and unusually large. Curious, you try the door, and finding it unlocked you peek through. The sight which greets you is so baffling that without thinking you open the door wide and walk in. You find yourself in a beautiful garden, bathed in brilliant sunshine from a cloudless sky! Suddenly you sense danger, and turn to leave, only to find that the door you entered through has disappeared, leaving a blank wall far too high to climb! Your adventure starts here; can you escape from this mysterious trap?


The original BBC Micro version is machine code, whereas the Archimedes version, released in 1990, was compiled BASIC.

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User Comments

Jonathan O (10-11-2020 10:49)

The BBC version is actually mostly in machine code with a Basic loader, although the Arc version is in compiled Basic.

ahope1 (10-11-2020 11:38)

Yes, the BBC Micro version appears to be machine code, not BASIC. Are you the author, @Jonathan O?

Jonathan O (10-11-2020 12:42)

Yes, I am - how did you guess?

ahope1 (10-11-2020 16:47)

Just a hunch..! What inspired you to write the game? Do you happen to have kept any source code or other interesting Beeb/Archie-related software or other interesting material from BITD?

Jonathan O (11-11-2020 08:30)

Yes - I'll give some full info in the forum (Off-Topic section).

Jonathan O (11-11-2020 17:02)

What I've written is more suitable for the Articles section, so I'll put it there.

ahope1 (12-11-2020 12:43)

I've sent you a PM via the forum.