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Vespozian Affair, The

Computer and Video Games, EMAP Business & Computer Publications 1984

Vespozian Incident, The
Keith Campbell info, Ron Potkin, Simon Goodwin, Steve Willis
BASIC info
Atari 400/800, BBC/Electron info, Dragon 32/64 info, Spectrum, TRS-80 MC-10/Matra Alice info
Science fiction, Type-in info
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Garry, iamaran, jgerrie, Strident



The Bloodline scientists of the Seventh Empire have developed a theory that "greenhouse effect" planets are created by "Polyps". If the theory is correct, then a new generation of Polyps can turn a dead planet into a greenhouse effect planet in 20 years. A greenhouse effect planet is rich in stellar energy which is necessary for interstellar travel. And interstellar travel means power!

The Bloodline Empire has chartered the space exploration vessel "Vespozian" to investigate the Funus solar system to test their theories. You play the role of the female human scientist, D'Taan, who is on board the Vespozian to conduct the investigation.

However, you are ambitious and you want to gain control of a source of stellar energy. To do so, you must obliterate the Bloodline stargate that is currently stationed in the Funus system. You are nearing the end of your journey and the stargate is nearby, but the Vespozian is low on fuel. You are also uneasy, because you are convinced that there is a Bloodline spy on board.

Can you obliterate the stargate using the Vespozian's laser weapon without the knowledge or help of the captain, while avoiding suspicion by the Bloodline spy?


This was published in Computer & Video Games Yearbook 1984, pp. 68-82, 84-89. The original version was written for the Dragon 32k by Keith Campbell. Other versions were for the Spectrum (ported by Ron Potkin), BBC model B (ported by Steve Willis) and Atari 400/800 (ported by Simon Goodwin).

In 2019, the Spectrum version of the game was ported to the TRS-80 MC-10 by Jim Gerrie. This version is able to be completed; unlike many of the other versions, if inputted as printed.

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