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Blackpool Tower

Computer and Video Games, EMAP National Publications, Federal Publishing 1985

Darren Reynolds
BASIC info
Oric/Atmos, VIC20
Type-in info
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Alex, dave, Garry, Strident



This adventure begins in your house, but you have been locked in. Your objective is to escape from the house and visit Blackpool Tower.


This adventure was published in Computer & Video Games, vol. 3, no. 5, February 1985, 'Book of games' supplement, pp. 17-20. The program does not work as published because the subroutine at line 200 converts the input to lower case, but all the verbs and nouns in the DATA statements are in upper case. To fix this, convert the DATA statements and all tests for B$ to lower case. You will still have problems if you enter a verb in upper case without a noun, as you are then prompted for more info, but the extra info is not converted to lower case and the subsequent tests for B$ will fail. To fix this, follow each of the input statements for B$ with ":I$=B$:GOSUB200:B$=I$:GOTOxxx", where xxx is the same line number as the test. This will get you by, but there are still many other bugs.

This was ported to the Commodore VIC-20 by Jimmy Fang and published in Your Computer's bumper book of programs, Jake Kennedy (ed.), The Federal Publishing Co., Alexandria, NSW, Australia, 1986, ISSN 0725-3931.

It was unofficially ported to the Commodore 64 by Dorothy Millard using The Quill in 1991. This version has a title screen with an embellished background story and instructions, a slightly larger vocabulary, slightly different map, extra objects, extra puzzles and requires you to complete unnecessary puzzles to get a score of 100%. The Oric solution will not work with the Commodore 64 version and vice versa.

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