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Hummer House of Horror

Lasersound 1983

Stephen N. Curtis
Horror, Real-time, Treasure hunt
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Gunness, iamaran, WhenIWasCruel



The aim of the game is to try and get to the room in an old house where a maiden is being held captive. The house consists of four floors cellars, ground floor, 1st floor and attic. In the house are lots of creatures, some of which can be friendly, while others are not. Also in the house are objects, of which some are needed to progres, while others are of no use.

To make the game even better is a real-time clock - the player has only 1 hour to reach the maiden!


The name is a pun on the Hammer House of Horrors tv show.

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User Comments

Exemptus (06-04-2020 13:43)

The PC version is completely different from the ZX Spectrum version of this game, so the latter needs a separate walkthrough, which I provided. The ZX Spectrum game is a poorly written blend of text RPG and adventure, with graphics that are not really material to the game, although it has some puzzle elements. The time limit makes things a bit livelier, but all in all it is not a very good game.

Strident (06-04-2020 14:21)

Is there a link anywhere to the "PC version"? Seems to have a completely different premise, from the solution, to that of the Spectrum game. Perhaps it's not even actually related (beyond sharing the name)?

Exemptus (06-04-2020 20:39)

It is likely. I have no proof of its existence but Dorothy Millard's solution. The only similarity to be found there with the Spectrum game is that there is a kitchen with a mad chef in it. It is a bit of a mystery, because it clearly mentions "Lasersound" and the name is the same, but Lasersound Ltd UK was a very small trading company from London which folded still early in the 80s and they would have only published for Spectrum and Dragon, not for PC. Maybe this is worth investigating more in depth.