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Crack City

Zenobi Software info 1989

Garry Cappuccini
PAW info
Spy/secret agent
Snow Dogs Trilogy [1: Crack City, 2: Handful of Snow, A]
Entered by:
Alastair, Gunness, Strident, Sudders




It is the year 2003. The player is a secret agent for a private investigations organisation with its Headquarters in New Washington, a new city, built to support Washington's overspill of political and administrative affairs and to house the expanding population of the megalopolis that is North East USA.

The Player is an agent of SIF, the Secret Intelligence Foundation, whose members have code numbers "AA" (double A), in true James Bond fashion.

The agent has had his well-earned vacation in the Maldives abruptly broken off as a result of the emergence of a major drugs organisation, headed by the Mafia.


The date is Monday, 7th August 2003. Your chief hands you a confidential report which, you are told, must be read and destroyed. You decide you may as well read it. In fact you've got no choice but like to think you have some say in the matter.

The report reads:

"The drugs organisation deals in every type of drug you'd care to mention and the lengths it will go to get what it wants are limitless. For instance, the complete body laceration of persons unwanted, who are burned immediately afterwards in a paraffin bath.

"The Mafia's dealings with this organisation stretch primarily to Cuba, Mexico and Chile and it is expected that a massive hidden drug processing and refining factory exists in a secluded spot deep in a forest in Cuba.

"You will assume civilian status on this mission and will therefore have no ID and will hence be treated by the authorities and the like as a normal civilian.

"Your first task is to set up a meeting with the organisation whereby you will exchange a briefcase of their drugs (probably "crack") for a valuable artefact, a description of which it is not possible to give you at this moment. You should attain some hard evidence of this exchange by whatever means possible and produce it at the end of the three days assigned to you.

"There are two further parts to the mission, information of which you will obtain at a later date."

The report ends there.


Originally self-published by the author, under the title Snap (part 1 of the Snap Crackle Pop trilogy) the game was renamed for its Zenobi release.

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