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Rifts of Time, The (Rifts_of_Time.txt)

Written by Dave Walls (Pocket Money Software 1984)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

It is said that, in an unknown world there lie three relics of great power.  You must find these
relics and take them through a time portal to he God named Odin.

1. The Golden Sword of Tyr.
2. The Horn named Gjaller.
3. The Lost Helm of Vidar.

1. It is not possible to examine anything so don't waste your time trying.
2. Dave makes random remarks throughout the game - these can be safely ignored and are only there to
add atmosphere.
3. Points are deducted for dropping objects, but as you can only carry four items you have no

Walk Through
(Start in a ransacked, dirty hut), GET IRON RATIONS, EAT IRON RATIONS (stops you feeling hungry
later), S (cobbled path), S (lake which shimmers with a magical aura where you see a golden
broadsword and a scaly-green water dragon), GET SWORD (ignore the dragon as it will just stay out of
your way), N, E (forest where you see a beautiful tree-nymph who gives you the rod and says that if
you pass these woods without it you will perish), E, NE (edge of marsh), GET AMETHYST (as you touch
it a genie appears and tells you to find out the helm's purpose as it is of great importance),
SW, W, S (four-way junction where you see a large Viking shield), GET SHIELD, S (foot of mountain).

U (cave), DROP SHIELD, DROP SWORD, DROP ROD, GET LANTERN, E (passageway), E (room with blood stained
walls), GET HORN, E, E (damp corridor where you see a Viking's helm), GET HELM, WEAR HELM, S
(crossroads), W, S (you fall into a pit), SW (cavern where you see a hydra with 10 heads), BLOW HORN
(causes stalactites to fall and kill the hydra), NE (Dave carries you out of the pit), E, N, W, S
(meet Bugbear who says that if you do not bring him some gold in 20 turns he will kill you), N, W,
W, W (back to cave), DROP AMETHYST, GET ROD, S (square cave where the rod detects a pit full of king
cobras), S (you enter a room cut from the rock where you see a pouch of gold and platinum and a
cupboard), GET POUCH, N, N, E, E, E, S (back to Bugbear who grabs the gold and takes it as a penalty
for entering his domain), N, W, W, W (back to cave), DROP HORN (pick it up later), GET SWORD, GET
SHIELD, S, S, OPEN CUPBOARD (must be wearing the helm - you reveal a time-portal).

GO PORTAL (through the rifts of time to a square room), DROP SHIELD, N (by waterfall), GO WATERFALL
(the Fossergrim keeps well away from you if carrying the sword), N (large wet cavern), GET TOPAZ, S,
S, S (back to square room), DROP SWORD, GET SHIELD, E, E (rectangular chamber), S, S (banquet hall
where you see a large closed bronze door to the east), S (meet Viking named Halfdan who has the
bronze key), GIVE SHIELD (he gives you the key in exchange), N, UNLOCK DOOR (you enter the treasure
room - this is where you must leave the artefacts), W, DROP KEY, N, N, W, W, GET SWORD, E, E, S, S,
GO DOOR (treasure room), DROP SWORD, W. 

W (natural cave), D, D (the stairs turn into a slope and you slide down to a blackened cave where
you see a black dragon who keeps out of your way), E, E, E (crossroads), DROP LANTERN, DROP ROD (for
later), S (in front of huge oaken door), OPEN DOOR, GO DOOR (path that winds down a steep hill), S
(bottom of hill), W (clearing where you see a finger, a bandage and  cigar stub - leave them... you
also see three doors, red, blue and green - note if you go through the red door you catch leprosy
and if you enter the green door you are hit on the head, both resulting in your demise), GO BLUE
DOOR (into hut where you see a black robe), GET ROBE, WEAR ROBE, E, E, E (must be wearing the black
robe - circle of pillars where you see evil initiates sacrificing a small girl at an altar), THROW
TOPAZ (it lands on the stone altar... there is a bright explosion of light and when you can see gain
you realise the altar and the initiates are gone), W, U, N, N (crossroads), GET LANTERN, GET ROD.

E (room with a bright cylindrical throbbing light), GO LIGHT (you are transported to the four-way
junction), S, U (to cave where you left the horn), GET HORN, GET AMETHYST, S, S (to where the
time-portal is), GO PORTAL (transported to square room), E, E, S, S, GO DOOR (to treasure room... a
booming voice says "I release you of your quest... you have returned the Golden Sword of Tyr,
The Lost Helm of Vidar and the Horn named Gjaller... the Gods of Gladsheim thank you... I, Odin the
Supreme Ruler of the Gods, thank you").


Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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