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Everyday Tale of a Seeker of Gold, An (Everyday_Tale_of_a_Seeker_of_Gold_Hints.txt)

An Everyday Tale Of A Seeker Of Gold
Take the cakes from the oven and give them to the Trolls.
Dig at the road's end to find something useful.
Unlock the chest.
Dig in the garden to find the tunnel entrance and then simply 'Go Tunnel'.
Blow the horn when need of help.
Push the door in order that you can enter the cave.
Insert hand into crack in order to find the sword.Cut grass at copse and you will find a coin.
Break off a branch and then sharpen it.
Give the coin to the Balrog.
Get the food that is in the cellar.
Blow the dust that is lying in the attic... you might find something.
Poke eyes (with the sharpened stick/branch) in the forest in order to pass them.
The bear will pinch any food you are carrying and run off with it.
Search the bones near the river.
Take the feather from the eagle's nest, tie rope, lower rope, climb down.
At the banks of the river just whistle and shout and when the boat arrives board it.
Go west at the spider.
Carry Bert the bowman.
Tie the feather to the arrow (need the string).
Unlock secret door and read notice - the clue is 'cherry'.
Dig in the sand on the side of the mountain.
When you meet Gullem just talk to him.
The answer to his riddle is 'CHERRY'.
Take the ring, smash the plate with the hammer and go in to the Dragon's cave.
Fire arrow at dragon and then take casket.
Wear the ring to pass the spider.
Walk around the boarded-up gate.Remove the ring, open the casket and put the gold in to the chest.