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Celtic Carnage (Celtic_Carnage_Ian_Brown.txt)

Ian Brown (The Traveller in Black)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

(Start on a hill called Cromm's Crest in the year 12 B.C.), INVENTORY (you are wearing boots
and a robe), EXAMINE BOOTS, EXAMINE ROBE, N, N (into fortress Emain Macha), N, N (you meet King
Conchobar Mac Nessa, various warlords and Emer, the wife of Cuchulainn), EXAMINE KING (he is under
the influence of Cess Noinden Ulad), TALK TO KING (you are asked to find Cathbad the High Druid),
EXAMINE EMER, TALK TO EMER (she asks you to find her husband), SW (into kitchen), EXAMINE TABLE (you
see a shield), EXAMINE SHIELD (you see the head of Sualtain still alive), TALK TO SUALTAIN (you are
asked to find his son... he tells you Loeg may help you), EXAMINE CAULDRON, TAKE STEAK, EXAMINE
STEAK, E, E (to eastern side of building), SEARCH, TAKE SACK, EXAMINE SACK (contains salt), W,  S,

NW, SE (to smouldering huts), SEARCH, TAKE BALL (metal), EXAMINE BALL (used in hurley), SE, SW, S,
S, E, E, N, N (a dog guards the home of the blacksmith), THROW STEAK, N (into Culain's home),
TAKE hurley STICK, S, S, E, N (to centre of druid's grove where you see Cathbad), EXAMINE
DOLMEN (a large stone pilar covered in ogams, often known as a druid's altar), EXAMINE OGAMS
(in praise of Dagda), EXAMINE CATHBAD (the High Druid of Ulster), TALK TO CATHBAD (he won't
leave until he knows his foster son is safe), NE (near hut, the home of Fedelm, a female Druid),
EXAMINE HAG, TALK TO HAG (she ignore you), KISS HAG, EXAMINE FEDELM (she is no longer a hag), TALK
TO FEDELM (you are asked a riddle), SAY DEATH (correct... your reward is a horn), EXAMINE HORN, SW,
S, W.                                                                                               

S, W, W, W, NW, SW (to eastern entrance to fallow field where you see Bricriu and the brown bull of
Daire of Cuailgne), EXAMINE BRICRIU, TALK TO BRICRIU (he has been told to guard the bull, says that
the children playing in the Fodla Forest are in danger), NE, N (into forest), LISTEN (you hear
voices getting nearer), HIDE (it is now safe to go northwest), NW (deep in the forest), EXAMINE IDOL
(you see a child stuck to it), SMASH IDOL (using the hurley stick), TAKE CHILD, EXAMINE CHILD (it is
Darail, foster son of Cathbad the Druid), SE, S, SE, E, E, E, N, E, N, GIVE CHILD (to Cathbad who
gives you a torc and some precise instructions before leaving to cure the sickness - note he has
cast a spell so you can't re-enter the fortress), EXAMINE TORC (a necklace made from gold).    

S, W, S, W, W, W, NW, SW (Bricriu panics, enters the field and is killed by the bull), W (into
field), SEARCH, TAKE SICKLE, EXAMINE SICKLE (used for cutting mistletoe), E, NE, SE, E, E, E, N, E,
N (to centre of Druids' grove), U (into oak tree), EXAMINE BRANCHES, CUT MISTLETOE (using the
sickle), DROP SICKLE, D, S, W, S, W, W (to Cromm's Crest).                                     

BLOW HORN (you summon Loeg and his chariot drawn by two horses, Macha and Sainglend, who will safely
transport you through the hostile countryside), DROP HORN, EXAMINE LOEG, TALK TO LOEG (he will take
you to local places), MOUNT (the chariot), SAY CORMACS Claws (as advised by Cathbad), DISMOUNT (you
are by the chariot at Cormac's Claws), S (by Ballykeel Dolmen), WEAR TORC (if you are not
already wearing it), DROP MISTLETOE, EXAMINE DOKMEN, EXAMINE OGAMS (tells the story of Tuatha De
Danaan), INVOKE DAGDA (you are told to go to Tara and call Amergin), N, MOUNT (the chariot).        

SAY TARA, DISMOUNT (you are just north of the Dancers of Dagda of Tara), S (inside the dancers), E
(by effigy), EXAMINE EFFIGY), CALL AMERGIN (note the instructions you are given), NW, MOUNT (the
chariot), SAY CORMACS, DISMOUNT, S (Ballykeel Dolmen).                                              

TRAVEL TO OTHERWORLD (you are by a fissure), N (the entrance is protects by supernatural barrier),
EXAMINE ENTRANCE (ogams ask for the "missing" word), SAY DANAAN (from ogam on Ballykeel
Dolmen... you enter the cave), N (by a green fire where you see Goibniu), EXAMINE GOIBNIU (the Smith
God of the Otherworld), TALK TO GOIBNIU (he asks you to return a harp to the Aes Sidh), S, S.       

TRAVEL TO CORMACS, N, MOUNT (the chariot), SAY CROMM'S, DISMOUNT (you are at Cromm's
Crest), W, NW, SW, W (to the field where the bull is), N, N, NW (to a form where your way is bared
by Fothad), TALK TO FOTHAD (he wants to fight... as you don't seem to have an obvious weapon),
HIT BALL (you swing the stick and hit him in the throat and you kill Fothad but the stick breaks),
TAKE SWORD, EXAMINE SWORD, NW (to other side of form where your way is barred by Tuathal), TALK TO
TUATHAL (younger brother of Fothad), THROW SWORD (you kill Tuathal), TAKE SWORD (it is needed again

NW (to river bank), N (to fairy ring), PLAY HARP (three "little people" appear), GIVE HARP
(you are given a lump of silver), S, SE, SE, SE, S, S (to field), TAKE BUCKET, E, NE, SE, E (to
(you enter the cave), N, GIVE SILVER (to Goibniu who turns it into a gauntlet which he gives to
you), EXAMINE GAUNTLET (note you can't remove it).                                             

S, S, TRAVEL TO CORMAC, TRAVEL TO SKYE (you are at Boulder of Banba), EXAMINE BOULDER (you see the
lifeless body of Uathach, daughter of the Lady Scathach), S, E (to base of tower), EXAMINE TABLE
(crucified to it is the Lady Scathach), EXAMINE SCATHACH (she is close to death), TALK TO SCATHACH
(note the details you are given), U, N (to cold room where you see Aife), EXAMINE AIFE (sister of
the Lady Scathach), TALK TO AIFE (you are told to leave or die), EXAMINE WINDOW (you see a thick
curtain drawn across blocking the sunlight), PULL CURTAIN (the sunlight enters the room distressing
Aife), KILL AIFE (using the sword from Fathad - she is impaled on the sword and leaps from the
window, then crawls to the window and into the lake), S, D, W, N, E (by lake), S (you drop your
possessions then enter the lake), DIVE (you are not successful), DIVE (this time you see the body of
Aife), DIVE (you retrieve the sword and a key from the body), N (to shore of lake where you dropped
your possessions), EXAMINE SWORD (belongs to Cuchulainn), TAKE ALL (boots, robe, sack, bucket and
torc), WEAR ALL, FILL BUCKET (with water from the lake), W, S, E.                                   

D (into dungeon), EXAMINE CAGE (you see Cuchulainn), EXAMINE CUCHULAINN (he is possessed), THROW
WATER (to cool him), EXAMINE CUCHULAINN (he seems familiar), UNLOCK DOOR (of the cage using the key
from the lake... Cuchulainn says he will go to Muirthemne to delay them but he really needs his
spear), DROP BUCKET, U.                                                                             

UNLOCK DOOR (using the key from the lake), DROP KEY, E (rear entrance to tower), EXAMINE TRACKS
(they are wolf tracks going into the forest), FOLLOW TRACKS (you see a trail of blood), NE, NW (to a
clearing where you see Gore), EXAMINE GORE (either foot squid-like creature), EXAMINE CREATURES (one
is the dead wolf you have been tracking), EXAMINE WOLF (you see the spear Gae Bolga), TAKE SPEAR (it
is too close to Gore), THROW SALT (from the sack - it reacts with the body and eats into it like
acid), EXAMINE GORE, EXAMINE decaying MATTER (you see the brains of Gore), EXAMINE BRAINS, SQUEEZE
BRAINS (must be wearing the gauntlet on the right hand... you have created a tathlum ball), TAKE
TATHLUM BALL, EXAMINE BALL (it makes a powerful weapon), TAKE SPEAR, SE, SW, NW,  W (to base of

W, N, TRAVEL TO CORMACS, N, MOUNT (the chariot), SAY MUIRTHEMNE, DISMOUNT (the horses panic and
leave you at the edge of hell and see Fomorrain), THROW SPEAR (you kill him and Queen Medb's
forces attack).  You need the Tathlum Ball and Gauntlet for the end fight.  You now know why
Cuchulainn seemed so familiar, he is your friend Kane.                                              

Score 100%

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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