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Shard of Inovar (Shard_of_Inovar.txt)

Shard of Inovar - Solution

Sherwin Robb 
March 2002

From start: Get the Shard, Invoke Ritual of Decairn (to get the Vial of Equat), W, Examine 
boulder, use vial of Equat, Examine the tree, Examine the hole, (see the Hand of 
Acceptance). Give Shard to hole (tree roots part to reveal the Path of Peril ,the Shard now 
glows brightly). N, get Shard of Inovar, get Statue of Vulcat, N,N, place Statue of Vulcat in 
aperture, get Statue of Vulcat, N, place Statue of Vulcat in font, get Ryxblade, get Amultet of 
Fire, S,S, Give Ryxblade to the Laryx, S,S,W, mount Laryx (to the Wastes of Sharn where it 
drops an object.) 
Get Kalcut Knife, N, climb crevice, get Shard of Inovar, get Vial of Equat, get Amulet of Fire, 
get Kalcut Knife, blow Kalcut Knife, mount Laryx, examine shrubbery, examine rock, throw 
Amulet of Fire into pool, examine pool, cut Aergourd, get Aergourd plant (this plant glows to 
light the way in the nearby caves). E,S, Examine Chagrak, kill Chagrak, Examine Televark, 
break Televark, (Thus freeing Kiron), Examine Inovar, put shard of Inovar on inovar, Invoke 
Ritual of release, (You get Complete Inovar) Put inovar on Akron, (this opens a path to the 
North) get Inovar.
E, examine dust (The footprints lead you),N,N,E,E,use vial of Equat, N, place Inovar on 
Kiron, get sceptre, S, W,W,S,S,W,S,W, Blow Kalcut Knife (To summon Laryx)
Mount Laryx, E,E, E,E, Invoke ritual of release, W,W,Invoke ritual of Tairn,
Invoke ritual of Decairn, E,E,N,N,N,examine Wheel, Turn wheel,N, Turn wheel (This
 closes the door preventing the Singard from killing you), Drop Sceptre of Life, N,
Examine Nasdais, Throw Inovar at Artheim.....Game Complete!!

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