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Walk Through with Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

1. When a patrol randomly stops you and asks you for papers SHOW PAPERS. This only happens when you
are wearing the overalls or suit.
2. There are two ways to escape from the prison. One goes out through a tunnel and the other on a
garbage truck.

Walk Through
(Start on your bunk in hut A), GET UP, INVENTORY (you have a packet of cigarettes and are wearing a
of binoculars), DROP CASE, OPEN LOCKER, EXAMINE LOCKER (contains your personal items), LOOK, GET
CHOCOLATE, W, N (garden), GET SHOVEL (leave the gloves), E, SE, W (hut), GET MAGAZINE (glossy), E,
S, W (NCO's hut), GIVE MAGAZINE (you exchange goods and Sgt. Tomkins says "Find The
Captain, he will be of help"), WEAR POLISH (boot), DROP TIN, E, SE, W, IN (hut C - there has
been a brawl here), EXAMINE BUNK (you notice a piece of metal tubing), GET TUBING, W, E, N, W, N
(wash hut), GET MIRROR, EXAMINE MIRROR, DROP MIRROR (leave the soap), S, E, E (mess hut), GET LAMP,
S (kitchen), EXAMINE POT (inside are two juicy pieces of raw meat - you only need this if you use
the alternative way out in the truck), GET MEAT, OPEN CUPBOARD (there's some food and drink
inside but you won't need it).
EXAMINE STOVE (it doesn't look too stable), MOVE STOVE (using the metal bar as a crowbar,
revealing a tunnel... you climb down), LOOK (you are in a dark place), LIGHT LAMP, LOOK (you are in
a freshly dug tunnel), DIG (the tunnel roof collapses behind you), DIG (you emerge from the tunnel),
LOOK (you are on a grassy trail), OFF LAMP, DROP SHOVEL, DROP TUBING, E, E, E, E (muddy courtyard),

DROP TUBING, DROP SHOVEL, GET MEAT, N, W, W (the boot polish enables you to blend into the
background avoiding the searchlights), W, S (outside hut A), LOOK (you see a truck collecting camp
garbage - note this arrives at about 5.00 a.m. and doesn't stay for long so timing is
important), GET ON (you stow away on the back of the truck unobserved by the sentries... the guard
dog approaches), GIVE MEAT (the dog ignores you... after a short time the truck is driven out of the
camp), LOOK (you are at the crossroads), OFF LAMP, NE, NE (muddy courtyard), DROP LAMP.

N (into farmhouse), N, U, E (master bedroom), REMOVE POLISH, OPEN WARDROBE, LOOK, REMOVE JACKET,
DROP JACKET, GET OVERALLS, WEAR OVERALLS, W, W (guest room), OPEN CHEST (of drawers - full of
personal effects), LOOK, GET WALLET, EXAMINE WALLET (has the initials ESP on it), OPEN WALLET,
INVENTORY (you now have 50 Francs and ID papers), DROP WALLET (empty), OPEN BOX (plays a tune),
LOOK, GET KEYS, EXAMINE KEYS (there's an ignition key on the ring), E, D, S, S (back to

E (barn - an open backed truck is here), EXAMINE TRUCK (roadworthy), W, NE (beside pigsty), GET CAN
(petrol), EXAMINE CAN (half full of petrol), SW, E (truck), FILL TRUCK, DROP CAN (empty), GET IN (to
the cab), START TRUCK (you accelerate out of the courtyard and down the lane until it runs out of
fuel - oh well it was a fun ride), LOOK, DROP KEYS, SE, N, SE, NE, E (town square), IN (bar), BUY
WINE (red or white?), RED (he puts the bottle in front of you), GET WINE, WAIT (or go for a little
walk until a drunken Frenchman bumps into you), GIVE WINE (he gives you a piece of paper in return),
INVENTORY (it's a timetable), READ TIMETABLE (there are only two trains a day - one at noon and
one at dusk), DROP TIMETABLE, E, NW, NW, GET BAYONET (broken), EXAMINE BAYONET (the blade is still
very sharp), SE, SE, S, S.

E (ticket office), BUY TICKET (the ticket officer asks to see your papers), SHOW PAPERS (he hands
you a ticket), S (platform), WAIT (until the train pulls into the station), WAIT (once more), BOARD
TRAIN, LOOK (you are in a corridor), E (into restaurant car - no food!), W, W, S (into a compartment
- a German officer enters your compartment and sits opposite you), KILL OFFICER (using the bayonet),
E, E, WAIT (until the train comes to a halt... as you pass the barrier two men give you a nod), LOOK
(you are at the southern end of the main street leading to the quay), W (hotel lobby), GET
MATCHBOOK, E, N, W (into waterfront bar - the captain hands you a package and tells you to find
Lucielle), E (quayside - don't go northwest or northeast yet), S, SW, W (back to town square).

W, SW, NW, S (top of hill), USE BINOCULARS (you spot a young girl sitting on a stone on the western
side of the hill), DROP BINOCULARS, N, E (field of corn), EXAMINE SCARECROW (wearing a rumpled
suit), REMOVE UNIFORM, DROP UNIFORM, GET SUIT, WEAR SUIT, NW, NW, NW (clearing), E, E (courtyard),
GET LAMP, SW, SW, S, NW, S (the girl asks for a chocolate - note she would have been frightened if
you had still been wearing the uniform), GIVE CHOCOLATE (she leads you down the track into a thick
forest... two men blindfold you... you are told to blow up the German HQ by placing the dynamite in
an upstairs office... the blindfold is removed and you find yourself outside a large chateaux).

E, D (cellar), LIGHT LAMP, LOOK, GET ROPE, OFF LAMP (if you carrying it lit you will be picked up by
a patrol), E, E (to where the road forks), E, E, E (centre square of German HQ - the armoured troop
carrier is a red herring), S (by fence), E (general stores), REMOVE SUIT, DROP SUIT, GET DRESS
(battle), WEAR DRESS (battle), DROP PAPERS, S (office), GET KEY (rusty), N, W, W, W (central records
office), GET TAG (name), WEAR TAG, E, E, N, NW (as you enter a guard asks to see your identity tag),
SHOW TAG, GET WRENCH, W (foot of steps), U, UNLOCK DOOR (using the rusty key), LOOK (it's
dark), ON LAMP, LOOK (you are in the main armoury), EXAMINE GRENADE (damaged - don't bother
with it), EXAMINE BOX (inside is a short length of string), GET STRING, OPEN PACKAGE (reveals a
bundle of dynamite), INSERT STRING DYNAMITE (you insert the string in the dynamite using the
pliers), DROP PLIERS, INVENTORY (the dynamite is now primed), W, OFF LAMP, DROP LAMP, D, E, E
(centre square).

NE (hub of HQ), NE (soldiers are looking for you), W, MOVE DESK (you drag it to the door preventing
anyone from getting n), TIE ROPE (you secure it to the balcony), DROP DYNAMITE, LIGHT MATCH, LIGHT
FUSE (you have one minute to escape), CLIMB ROPE (just in time), N, N (to a sandy bank by the
river), GET BOAT (you scramble into the boat just in time as soldiers are running up the track...
about half a mile away you see clouds of smoke rising above the treetops... the boat comes to rest
inside the harbour whereupon you get out... a huge explosion rocks the area and the complex has been
devastated by your bomb), U (jetty), W (quay - the captain congratulates you and takes you aboard
his ship... you are taken to the wardroom for a celebratory drink... later that evening you weigh
anchor and set sail for home).

* * * * * CONGRATULATIONS * * * * * *
Your score is 100

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