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Buttons (Buttons_Steve_Lucas.txt)

A Fairytale Adventure by Steve Lucas
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

My name is Buttons, and I have worked for my master for many years.  We live in a large house not
far from the royal palace where the handsome Prince Charming lives.  A few years ago, my master
remarried and his new wife brought her two ugly daughters to live in the house.  Since then, they
have made life a misery for poor Cinderella, my master's daughter.  Tomorrow night there is to
be a ball at the palace, and all the ladies in the town have been invited.  But Cinderella has been
forbidden to go.  I must help her.

In this game, which follows the fairy tale closely, you play the role of Buttons, and the computer
the role of Cinderella.

Walk Through
(Start by an old fashioned fireplace), W, W, N (library), HELP (most old houses have secret
panels... try pushing), PUSH PANEL (a secret panel moves aside), N, E (through the secret passage to
a musty room), GET MICE (six), W, S, S, E, E, S, E (backyard - ignore the dustbin), DROP MICE, E
(large lawn), SEARCH (something runs from behind the cucumber frame), GET LIZARDS, N, N (outside a
garden shed), IN, GET SPADE, OUT, S, S, W, S (vegetable patch), GET PUMPKIN (using spade), DROP
SPADE, N (backyard), DROP PUMPKIN, DROP LIZARDS, W, N, W, S (by kitchen sink where your ugly sister
demands that you wash the pots), WASH POTS (she goes away), N, W, S, S (by door to broom cupboard
where your ugly sister won't let you pass until you sweep the floor), GET BROOM, SWEEP FLOOR
(she likes that and goes away), S (inside cupboard), DOWN STEPS, E (far end of cellar), GET RAT, W,

N, N, N, E, E, S, E (backyard), DROP RAT (you should have here a rat, six mice, two lizards and a
pumpkin), CRY (your fairy godmother reappears and waves her wand... something magical happens and
there is now six white horses, a beautiful glass coach, a handsome footman and two coachmen), W, N,
W, W, W, UP STAIRS (landing), S (box room), GET SHOES (you are wearing a beautiful golden dress and
glass slippers... you are told to be sure to return by midnight... you are riding in a beautiful
glass coach), WAIT (the footman opens the door and you find yourself outside a large gothic

E, E, E, E, S, S, E, S (crowded ballroom), DANCE (with prince charming - beware it's close to
midnight - 5 moves left), RUN (you run away from the ball and leave your slipper... you find
yourself outside the village store), N, N, N, N (outside garden gate), E (outside front door where
two of the prince's servants knock on the door, saying "The prince will marry the girl who
can wear the glass slipper"), TRY SLIPPER (it fits and your fairy godmother reappears, saying
"Get the wedding dress"), E, E, UP STAIRS, N (large bedroom), GET DRESS (wedding), TRY
DRESS (fairy godmother waves her wand and you are riding on a horse), WAIT (you are outside the
village church), N (church entrance), N (you are walking down the aisle and the wedding march is
playing), N.

Well done !!!!
You have solved this adventure
You marry the prince and live happily ever after.

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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