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Yggdrasil (Yggdrasil_Jim_Henry_III.txt)

Written by Jim Henry III
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (PC BASIC Version)

1. Once your thumb has been cut off and you have drunk from the pool of wisdom you will only be able
to carry one item at a time.
2. Does NOT understand examine.

Walk Through
(Start at the edge of a glacier), N (see cart and goats - Thor's transport), SW, D (foot of
glacier), N (ice cavern), GET SWORD, S, W (by chasm where a polar bear blocks the way), KILL BEAR
(using sword), E, S, S, S, S, SW, S (by hole), D (cavern), S (to where a wolf guards a gate), GET
KEY, N, U, E (pool of wisdom where you meet an aged man with a long white beard), TALK TO MAN (you
are told that you must pay a great price to drink from the pool), NE, E (Norn's cave), READ
SIGN, W, N, NE, N (east of castle gates), UNLOCK GATE (using key - swings open), DROP KEY, DROP
SWORD, E, E (you are ambushed by bandits who cut off your thumb... you faint and wake in the ice
cavern), S, SE, E, S, E (icy waste where you find your missing thumb), GET THUMB, W, S, SW, S, SW
(back to pool of wisdom), GIVE THUMB TO MAN (says you may drink), DRINK WATER (you suddenly have an
idea how to mitigate Ragnarok).

NE, N, NE, N, W (castle courtyard), W, N, NW (small room in castle), GET TRUMPET, S (dining hall
where you meet Thor), TALK TO THOR (he writes a letter of recommendation to Heimdall), E, E, E, N,
NW (foot of glacier), W, U, NE (atop glacier), BLOW TRUMPET, E (foot of rainbow), DROP TRUMPET, W
(atop glacier where the goats and cart have now disappeared), SW, D, SE, E, S (castle gate), W, W, W
(dining hall), GET LETTER (of recommendation), READ LETTER, E, E, E, N, NW, W, U, NE, E (back to
foot of rainbow), U (gates of Asgard where you meet Heimdall), GIVE LETTER (you enter and explain
your plan to Odin).

> > > You have won < < <

Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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