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Dances with Bunny Rabbits (Dances_With_Bunny_Rabbits.txt)


                               FAQ/Walkthrough for
                            DANCES WITH BUNNY RABBITS



Author:   Tom Hayes
E-mail:   thayesguides(at)gmail(dot)com
System:   ZX Spectrum
Updated:  29th March, 2011
Version:  1.1


1. Introduction
2. Walkthrough
3. Item List
4. Map
5. Copyright Information


1.1:  29th March, 2011  (Submitted to solutionarchive)
1.0:  12th April, 2009  (First version)


1.                                Introduction


Dances with Bunny Rabbits is an interactive fiction adventure made by Simon
Avery and published by The Adventure Workshop in 1993. After Timmy's father
confiscates his teddy bear, he knows that the only way he can get his bear back
is to make his father proud. Timmy has heard rumours about a treasure at the
bottom of a mine outside town in the Badlands, so he sets out to find it.


2.                                Walkthrough


The game starts in Timmy's bedroom. LOUN BED to find a gun. GET GUN. LOIN
WARDROBE to find clothes. GET CLOTHES. WEAR CLOTHES. Move WEST to the kitchen.
GET JAR of cookies. TIP JAR and the cookies fall out. GET COOKIES. EAT COOKIES
to get the key. UNLOCK CABINET with the key to get a ring and a handkerchief.
GET CARROT. Move SOUTH to Timmy's parents' bedroom. GET DRESS. Move NORTH twice
to the main street. GET STICK. Move NORTH to the telegraph office.

CLIMB COUNTER to stand behind it. TURN DIAL on the safe. OPEN SAFE. LOIN SAFE
to see a magazine. GET MAGAZINE. CLIMB COUNTER to return to the other side.
Move SOUTH, WEST and SOUTH to the saloon. GIVE MAGAZINE. When asked to whom,
answer LULU. While Lulu is distracted, Timmy will pick up the bottle. HIT MAN
at the bar with the bottle to get the saddle. Move NORTH into the hotel.

CUT MIRROR on the wall using the ring. RING BELL and Timmy will hear a click
from the roof. Move SOUTH and the hotel will collapse. Move NORTH and UP to the
top of the hotel. PUSH SNIPER and he will fall down to the street. Move DOWN
and SOUTH to the west end of town. EXAMINE BODY to see a rifle. GET RIFLE. PUT
SADDLE on the horse. RIDE HORSE to arrive on the middle of the long road.

TALK INDIAN: He wants a gun. GIVE RIFLE to the Indian and Timmy will be thrown
into a lake. FILL JAR with water from the lake. DRINK WATER to drain the lake.
WEAR DRESS. DROP HANDKERCHIEF and Timmy will be freed from the bootees. WEAR
CLOTHES. Move UP to the Still Quite Nice Lands. USE STICK on the snake. Move
EAST twice to the Quite Unpleasant Lands. GIVE MIRROR to the Indian to get a
match. THROW STICK at the dog. Move EAST twice and SOUTH to enter the mine.

EAT CARROT so that Timmy can see in the mine. SHOOT NOSE of the sphinx. FEEL
HOLE to open a tunnel. Move SOUTH to the rock door. EAT DOOR. Move WEST into
the small antechamber. MELT WAX on the clay pot using the match. OPEN POT and a
man will jump out. LOIN POT to see a dagger. GET DAGGER. Move EAST to see the
man from the pot. SHOOT ARAB. MOVE ARAB to reveal a lamp. GET LAMP. Move SOUTH
to see a man holding a sign. WAVE DAGGER at the man and he will run away. Move
SOUTH to the bowels of the mine. POUR WATER down the chute to get the untold
riches. RUB LAMP to meet the genie. SAY MUMMY to the genie to return to the
west end of town. Move EAST and SOUTH to the kitchen to complete the game.


3.                                 Item List


  Found by giving the magazine to Lulu in the saloon. It is used to hit the man
  in the saloon.

  Found in the kitchen. It is eaten in the mine so that Timmy can see.

  Found in the kitchen. They are tipped to make the cookies fall out.

  Found in the wardrobe in Timmy's bedroom. They are worn by Timmy before
  leaving the house and after leaving the dry lake.

  Found after he cookie jar has been tipped. They are eaten to get the key.

  Found in the pot in the antechamber. It is waved at the man holding the sign
  in the mine.

  Found in the Timmy's parent's bedroom. It is worn while at the bottom of the
  dry lake.

  Available after the cookie jar has been tipped to make the cookies fall out.
  It is filled with water at the bottom of the lake.

  After the man holding the lamp has been shot in the mine, the man is moved to
  reveal the lamp. It is rubbed in the bowels of the mine to make the genie

  Found under the bed in Timmy's bedroom. It is used to shoot the nose off the
  sphinx in the mine. It is used to shoot the man holding the lamp in the mine.

  Found by filling the empty cookie jar with water from the lake. It is poured
  into the chute in the bowels of the mine.

  Found by eating the cookies. It is used to unlock the cabinet in the kitchen.

  Found by unlocking the cabinet in the kitchen with the key. It is dropped
  while at the bottom of the dry lake.

  Found in the safe behind the counter in the telegraph office. It is given to
  Lulu in the saloon to get the bottle of red-eye.

  Found by giving the mirror to the Indian in the quite unpleasant lands. It is
  used to melt the wax on the pot in the antechamber.

  Found by unlocking the cabinet in the kitchen with the key. It is used to cut
  the mirror in the hotel.

  Found by hitting the man in the saloon with the bottle of red-eye.

  Found on the main street. It is used on the snake in the still quite nice
  lands. It is thrown for the dog in the quite unpleasant lands.

  Found in the hotel after the ring has been used to cut the mirror. It is
  given to the Indian in the quite unpleasant lands to get the match.

  Found by pouring the jar of water down the chute in the bowels of the mine.
  It is needed to complete the game after Timmy returns home.

  After the sniper has been pushed from the roof of the hotel, the rifle is
  found by examining the body at the west end of town. It is given to the
  Indian on the long road.

  Available at the start of the game. They are not used.


4.                                    Map


 _______    _______*3
|Top of |  |Behind |
| Hotel |  |Counter|
|___ ___|  |___ ___|
    |d         |
 __u|___*4  ___|___*2  _______    _______    _______    _______    _______
|       |  |Telegph|  | Nice  |  |NotNice|  |Unplsnt|  | Nasty |  |  Bad  |
| Hotel |  |Office |  | Lands |--| Lands |--| Lands |--| Lands |--| Lands |
|___ ___|  |___ ___|  |_______|  |_______|  |_______|  |_______|  |___ ___|
    |          |             d\__                                     |
 ___|___*5  ___|___  *6_______   \u______                          ___|___
|WestEnd|  | Main  |  | Long  |  |       |                        |       |
|of Town|--|Street |->| Road  |->| Lake  |                        | Mine  |
|___ ___|  |___ ___|  |_______|  |_______|                        |___ ___|
    |          |                                                      |
 ___|___    ___|___    _______*1                        _______    ___|___
|       |  |       |  |Timmy's|                        | Ante  |  |       |
|Saloon |  |Kitchen|--|Bedroom|                        |Chamber|--| Mine  |
|_______|  |___ ___|  |_______|                        |_______|  |___ ___|
               |                                                      |
            ___|___                                                ___|___
           |Parents|                                              |       |
           |Bedroom|                                              | Mine  |
           |_______|                                              |___ ___|
                                                                  |Bowels |
                                                                  |of Mine|

*1: Start point.
*2: Climb the counter to move behind the counter.
*3: Climb the counter to move to the telegraph office.
*4: After ringing the bell, leave the hotel and return to it to see a pile of
    rubble. Climb the rubble to arrive on top of the hotel.
*5: Put the saddle on the horse and then ride it to reach the long road at the
    east side of town.
*6: Give the rifle to the Indian to arrive at the bottom of the lake.


5.                          Copyright Information


This file is Copyright 2009-2011 Tom Hayes. As it can be difficult to keep
track of websites that haven't posted the latest version of this file, please
do not distribute it without my permission. Send an e-mail to me if you would
like to post this file on your website and you will likely receive a positive
response. If you do post the file, please keep it in its original form with all
of the sections intact and credit the author (Tom Hayes) as the writer of the
file. The latest version of this file can be found at