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Sabotage on the Century Cauldron (Sabotage_on_Century_Cauldron.txt)


By Thomas de Graaff

A concise walkthrough
(i.e. no secrets of fun stuff included)


You start off in your sleeping cabin (for a change) and quickly find out that you've decided to
sabotage the Century Cauldron (hence the imaginative title) and why you have come to this decision
(look at the pictures). By the way, you might want to type HELP or INSTRUCTIONS to view the
non-standard commands.

General remark: If (and when) you are thrown into a prison cell, don't
quit the game! After a few turns you will start to feel tired. I don't think I have to explain
what you're supposed to do in that case.


1. Gaining entry to the lab

Right. There's no need to hurry at all, but your first real objective is to gain entry to the
lab. The danger sign above the door suggests that an awful lot can go wrong in there. To enter the
lab you need the appropriate keycard, which you will find on the circular table in the control room,
right where captain Paddywhack is sitting. There are two ways to get your hands on this keycard:

	a. The engineer in the fuel room carries a phonecard.
	   This phonecard has the same colour as Paddywhack's lab
	   keycard. To get the phonecard, give the evil cocktail to the
	   engineer. It will instantly kill the poor lad. With this
	   phonecard, go to the control room. Put it on the table and take
	   the lab keycard instead. Don't show the lab keycard to captain
	   Paddywhack after you have taken it.

	b. In the sanitary compartment you will encounter Hermann
	   Frankenberger. Then, if you hang around for a good while, he
	   will start a quarrel with Adam Shartegoff. When the two start
	   chasing eachother, they will run through the control room as 
	   well (again and again). If you are in the control room when
	   they enter it, one of them will accidently wipe the lab
	   keycard off the table, and the captain won't notice it.

2. Gaining access to the computer system

The old touchscreen computer in the lab is protected by two passwords. The first password is one you
choose from a list by touching it. The second one has to be pronounced (SAY "password" or
PRONOUNCE "password"). You will find both passwords on the crumpled picture the scientist
is carrying. He will accidently give it to you when you talk to him, but only after he has finished
talking to his imaginary patient. You can also take the scientist's walking stick. When you
have successfully broken into the computer, look up the information about blokomo (by touching it).
Carefully read the last paragraphs about the Gxu18 tablets. The most effective way to sabotage the
ship is by allowing the caged blokomo (there are six of them) to escape, and these tablets will make
this possible. You will find them in the locked closet. The key to this closet is in the desk's
drawer. You also have to take the lifestyle magazine, which carries Howard's initials.

3. Committing your evil deed

Okay, you've got the Gxu18 tablets. But how do you give them to the blokomo? Well, that's
what the machine in the observation lab is for. Look around. Look at the six hoses. Look at the hose
near the control panel. See what happens when you press the buttons. What you have to do is put a
tablet in the hole, attach the hose to the hole, press the green button and wait a few turns. You
have to do this with AT LEAST the red tablet and the yellow tablet. But one tablet at a time,
otherwise the machine won't do anything when you press the green button. If you accidentally
put two or more tablets in the hole, press the blue button and you will get the tablets back. If
eventually a cloud of gas enters the cages, you have successfully administered a tablet. When you
have administered AT LEAST the red tablet and the yellow tablet, your work in the lab is done for

4. Getting arrested

Of course, you are not supposed to think 'Okay, I've drugged the blokomos, now let's
get arrested', but the story won't evolve unless you do get arrested. Take the lifestyle
magazine with you and go to the bar. When Howard sees the mag, he will invite you to have a seat on
the stool. Please note that you have to be carrying the magazine if you want to sit down. Enjoy the
conversation and the ride to the prison cell (the Relax-o-Drome code of behaviour forbids sitting).
Once you are in the cell, lie on the bed and sleep. As you may have read in the computer, the Gxu18
tablets need approximately 7 hours to become effective. In your dream, drop your dignity. You might
want to flush yourself to scare away the hippo. Take the thingy. When you wake up, the cell door is
open. You hear screams.


1. Leaving your cell

Right. You have successfully sabotaged the Century Cauldron. But now you'll have to escape from
the ship without being killed, and you also might want to find out what these creatures are doing
here in the first place. In the doll box Howard gave you, you will find a weapon. Lucky you. Okay,
time to get moving. When you leave your cell, keep an eye on the convex mirrors. In the second one
you should see some movement. If you don't want to be surprised, shoot the mirror. Your laser
beam will hit the monster which is lurking behind the corner. The coast is clear now.

2. Jersey

When you enter the bridge control room for the first time, you will face an armed woman. Don't
shoot her. Do as she tells and drop your gun. While she is frisking you, a blokomo will come in
through the window. Pick up your weapon and shoot the blokomo until it flees. Check your status.
You're probably hurt badly. In the following conversation, the woman tells you that her name is

3. Finding the right medicines

Listen to Jersey when she tells you to find some medicine. Also, turn on the microphone (see control
panel) and leave it on. It will prove useful later on. You will find medicine in the lab. You need
regeneration pills (which you will find on the dead scientist) and a hypodermic containing
disinfectant (which you will find in the closet where you found the Gxu18 tablets). Inject yourself
and swallow one regeneration pill. You might also want to have a look at the cages in the
observation lab.

4. Office 202

Go back to the bridge control room. Jersey will have disappeared. Take the flashlight and go to
office 202 (in the same corridor where the prison cell is). You will be attacked by a blokomo. If
you are carrying your gun, the blokomo will swallow it, but there's no need to panic.
You'll be offered a chance to get it back. After the fight, Jersey decides to join you.

5. The Basement

Take the elevator to deck 0. Jersey can open VoiceSecurScan doors. In the basement, look at the
washing machine. Press eject. The transparent cube is an energy cell which you will need to start
the escape craft. There will be a short conversation with Jersey. Do as she tells and go to the
sanitary compartment on deck 1. A long cutscene will follow. Read it carefully, and read the letter
Jersey gives you at the end of the cutscene. 

6. The attack in the kitchen, the ignition key

There are rumours that the escape craft's ignition key is hidden in the kitchen. When you enter
the kitchen, a blokomo will attack you. Make sure that you are prepared (health, weapon). When you
hear Paddywhack's voice, hide! They won't save their ammunition if they spot you. When the
blokomo is dead, jump on it. The ignition key will pop out of its mouth. 

7. The dilemma

Jersey doesn't want to return to earth, so you have two choices. You can either take Jersey to
Huhubahubbalah, or kill her and choose a destination yourself.

8. Leaving the Century Cauldron

You need two things to start the escape craft: an energy cell (a transparent cube) and the ignition
key (a triangular chip). If you don't want to crash after taking off, make sure that the deck 1
bridge is withdrawn. The bridge is operated with the control panel in the bridge control room. If
gate HB-2 is closed, then the bridge is withdrawn.
Choose your destination. At the checkpoint, exit the escape craft and look at the desk where the
dead guards are sitting. Press the OK button. The gate opens. Enter the escape craft and press the
CONTINUE button.


I hope you enjoyed my first game. I tried to make the game's world and behaviour as detailed
and variable as possible, so there is more to discover than what I've described in this basic

Greetings from Belgium, and happy judging!

Thomas de Graaff