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Skelvullyn Twine (Skelvullyn_Twine.txt)

Written by P. G. Pointon (Eighth Day Software)
Walk Through with Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

1. To pass through the needle's eye you must be carrying the following and nothing else:
a) A living lamp (the jar of glowflies)
b) Axe
c) Recorder
d) Sickle
e) Armour
f) Tinderbox
g) Potion
h) Mushrooms
3. Take the potion from the Gypsy, not the sword as it is of no use to a forester and it will get
you killed if you are seen in Skerrig with it.  On no account try to take both as the gypsy has a
4. If your score doesn't add to 100% on completion of book one, you probably didn't sniff
the flowers in Tolen's garden.  Also points are deducted if you try to kill the hedgehogs.

Walk Through
(Start under the scorching sunlight on Skerrig village green), INVENTORY (you have with you
clothes), EXAMINE CLOTHES, W, READ POSTER, W (outside your house), READ NOTE (Calatrin says to meet
her behind Tolan's house), N (into combined living/bedroom), GET ARMOUR, EXAMINE ARMOUR,
EXAMINE WINDOW (you see shards of broken glass), GET SHARD, N (into kitchen where there is a cabined
bound with cord), EXAMINE CABINED, CUT CORD (using the shard of glass - you see a china pig and an
empty jar), DROP SHARD, GET JAR, EXAMINE JAR, GET PIG (it won't let you), BREAK PIT (you find a
coin), S, S, E, E, N (into Monger's shop), BUY SICKLE (using the coin), EXAMINE SICKLE, S, S.

S (by house of Tolan where a cat gives hints on how to deal with the hedgehogs), EXAMINE HEDGEHOGS,
WEAR ARMOUR, PET HEDGEHOGS (they fall asleep), S (into hallway), S (into study), GET BOOK, EXAMINE
BOOK (a scrap of parchment falls out), READ PARCHMENT, DROP BOOK, DROP PARCHMENT (note if you try to
leave with them vegetables attack, calling you a thief), S (into garden), SMELL FLOWERS (you receive
a clue as to Tolan's whereabouts and this is necessary to obtain full score), U, SE, SW (a
shape rises from the ferns), EXAMINE SHAPE (carries a wooden recorder), SAY HELLO (Calatrin, queen
of the Desert, tells you how her land has flooded... she hands you the recorder), EXAMINE RECORDER,
NE (to clearing), GET AXE, EXAMINE AXE, NE, NE (back to woodland path), D (into garden), N, N, N,

W, W, W, W (to end of village where there is a cloud of glowbugs), GET GLOWBUGS (in the jar), SW (by
gate pillars), SW (overgrown briars block you), CUT BRIARS (using the sickle), S (to door to manor
house), S (into hallway), EXAMINE HOLES (you see a not very secret passage), W (into secret passage
where a huge boreworm blocks progress unless you are carrying the hedgehog, in which case it
slithers off at the sight of it shrieking), DROP HEDGEHOG, S (into ante room), GET TINDERBOX,

E, E, E, E, E (to dry river bed), NE (you meet a gypsy who offers you a sword or a potion - note you
should take the potion as the sword is no use to a forester and it will get you killed if you are
see in Skerrig with it and on no account try to take both as the gypsy has a temper, also don't
take the potion yet), E (note the granite her that you need for a spell to work), SAY FIJAH (the
armour is now light and you can continue), U (to tunnel arch), EXAMINE GRATING (made of thick wooden
bars), CHOP GRATING (using the axe), E, GET MUSHROOMS, EXAMINE MUSHROOMS (note don't go east or
you will die), W, D, W, GET POTION, EXAMINE POTION, E, U, U (to rocky ledge), E (to needle's
eye), EXAMINE ROCK (you will only be ale to pass through the needle's eye if you are carrying
the correct objects and nothing else), E (you pass the rock barrier, now stick balls block your
way), EXAMINE STICK BALLS, EXAMINE ROSE (it's petals move like lips), LISTEN ROSE (words enter
your head "Save your own skin with chain mail"), E, E (your armour dissolves), DRINK
POTION (your skin turns hard), E (you emerge from the bushes into an area of tall pines).
You have completed the first book of Skelvullyn Twine
The password needed to enter book two is WILLIAM BLAKE
Score 100%

1. To pass the saw-beetle family you must first free their brother from the fungus.
2. The "leaves" will thwart your attempts to leave the clearing with the tall tree by
swapping  the scenery about to confuse you.  You must get them down from the tree then they will
lead you to Skelvullyn Castle.

Walk Through
E, E (to clearing), EXAMINE DISHSTUMPS, CUT DISHSTUMP (the leaf hardens into a useful bowl), E,
EXAMINE FUNGUS, E, E, E (to edge of marsh), GET WATER (in the bowl), W (to where a saw beetle is
trapped by the fungus), THROW WATER (the fungus about the beetle dissolves and it trots off to the
marsh), E, E (now that you have freed the saw-beetle you can pass), E (curious orange algae is
suspended in the water), EXAMINE ALGAE, E (to where pfrump plants grow), EXAMINE PFRUMP, E, E (into
rough grass where algae surrounds you), GET PFRUMP, LIGHT PFRUMP (you kill the algae, however it has
also ignited the marsh gases), RIDE SAW BEETLE (it takes you to a tiny ledge), U (to broader

U (to rock strewn level), N (into hut), EXAMINE BOX (delicate), EXAMINE SKELETON, SMASH SKELETON
(bones fly in all directions, smashing the crystal box in the process), GET quilted CLOAK, EXAMINE
CLOAK, WEAR CLOAK (this prevents cold), BREAK HUT (you now see a pile of wood), GET WOOD, S, W (into
barrow), N (into burial chamber where you are out of the wind but it's still cold and you need
a fire), LIGHT FIRE (using the wood... you eat the mushrooms, fall asleep and dream).

S, E (to rock strewn level where daylight has revealed a path east - but don't go there quite
yet), N (into hut where in daylight you now see a pair of military boots), GET BOOTS, EXAMINE BOOTS,
WEAR BOOTS (this prevents frostbite when you go through the snow), S, D (to broad ledge where you
now see some salt), GET SALT, EXAMINE SALT, U, E, U, E (through the snow), E (between the top of two
mountains where a slider threatens you), EXAMINE SLIDER, THROW SALT (it falls on the lenses of the
slider's eyes and the ice surface melts blinding it), E (under slider's web), E (to snow
slope), D (you slip to a ledge... night if falling and your living lamp is fading because the
glowbugs are hungry), GET POPPY, E (further along the ledge), GET DANDELION, NE (to where the ledge
is wider), GET DOCK, LOOK (you now see some nettles), GET NETTLES, GIVE NETTLES (the glowbugs munch
on them and are brighter by the second), E, GET EDELWEISS.

E, E (to corner), N, E (to clearing), EXAMINE dead TREE, N (inside tree where you sleep and dream),
S (back to clearing), SE (to path), SE (to clearing dominated by a tree with a long rope dangling
from it and tiny people called "leaves" living in it), EXAMINE LEAVES, THROW SICKLE (it
cuts the rope holding the leaves and they fall..., the chief tells you that you have wronged them
and must make amends... they show you the way out of the forest and give you the rope you cut... you
find yourself on a cliff top overlooking the valley and Castle Skelvullyn - a bridge leads to the
castle but there is a strong wind and no handrail), TIE rope to POST, TIE rope to SICKLE, THROW
SICKLE (a rope now spans the bridge making it safe to cross), S (across bridge).

You are at the gate of Skelvullyn Castle
Your long journey is over, but ahead lies the final reckoning
The password for Book 3 is THOMAS HARDY
Score 100%

1. It is impossible to avoid arrest and in fact it is necessary to continue the game.
2. Your guard while in the dungeon changes regularly and you must wait until the right one is
3. The water in the bottom of the well will go down while you are in the dungeon.
4. The seaweed can only be moved by opening the Waterhead's gate.  Once this is done the
current will draw it off into the tunnel.
5. It is impossible to move Gib the Gross from the platform in Waterhead.  He will take most of your
gifts and test them, but there is no way he will leave the platform.  But in the end this is to your
6. The crystal in the roof of the internal chamber at Waterhead forms a stopper in the bottom of the
lake.  If someone stands on the central platform and plays the recorder water will pour in.  Some of
this will flow into the tank that forms a counterweight on the beam and lift the gate.  However, the
rest will flood the chamber and trips the door mechanism.  You have only the barest minimum of time
to escape through the door before it closes, and whoever blow the recorder on the platform stands no
chance of making it.
7. Once Tolan enters his trance it is impossible to wake him.
8. To obtain the final 10% to your score, choose the option of continuing southwest to new
adventures, rather than going into the village.

Walk Through
(Start in the open gateway of Skelvullyn Castle), EXAMINE VEGETATION (note the creepers etc. growing
up the wall), GET SICKLE, S (into castle courtyard), EXAMINE WELL (a rusty ladder leads down), D, D
(there is a tunnel east but it is flooded), U, U, READ SIGN (note only to drink well water), E(into
a corridor where you hear voices from the east), LISTEN, E (the guards see you, throw you in a
dungeon and take most of your possessions), GET tin DISH, EXAMINE DISH, EXAMINE CARVINGS (wait for
the right man to come along...), EXAMINE SLABS, LIFT SLAB (you uncover an underground stream), FILL
DISH (with water), WAIT then LOOK (until Andri Goodbottom is your guard), GIVE WATER (the good water
makes him happy again... he aids your escape and returns your belongings... you find yourself on the
spiral staircase), E (back to courtyard).

D, D (the well), E (the water in the tunnel has subsided while you were in the dungeon - there is a
gold bar here but leave it as otherwise you will be too heavy to take off later), E (to ledge), GET
deflated PFRUMP, U (clinging on creepers you scale the walls), U (to window where you fall through
to a store room), GET CANISTER, EXAMINE CANISTER (it contains "Lifting Air"), D, D (back
to ledge), OPEN CANISTER, FILL PFRUMP (gas is escaping), TIE PFRUMP (with a piece of vine - note if
you were carrying the gold bar you would be too heavy - a gush of wind carries you clear of the
castle and towards a rocky island where you land on a hot rock), DROP JAR (weavils hatch in the
heat), GET JAR.

D, D (steps to jetty), W (into rowboat), W, N, W (to Waterhead landing stage), U, U (steps to
clifftop), W, EXAMINE VEGETATION (you find Tolan's harp hidden in the bushes), GET HARP,
EXAMINE HARP, E, D, D, E (into boat), S, E, E (back to jetty), E (Tolan's harp sings and does
so each time you enter the correct location), NW, N, NE, N (to blind alley... as the harp plays the
rock under your feet melts to reveal a trapdoor, which you open revealing a cell containing Tolan...
you return to the boat and he tells his story.

N, W (to cliff face gate), W, U, N (to nose of stone face by a stone door... Tolan plays the harp
and the door opens... Tolan tells you how to open the river gate), W (to inner chamber where you
meet Gib), EXAMINE CRYSTAL, EXAMINE GIB (note he will take most of your gifts and test them, but
there is no way he will leave the platform), GIVE RECORDER (to Gib who blow it, smashing the
crystal... water pours in lifting the river gate and flooding the chamber), E (you just make it
before the door shuts).

S, D, E, S (where the open Waterhead has drawn off the weed), SWIM (to wet your clothes), W (to a
rock strewn beach), W (to east/west water course), W (dead tree), OPEN JAR (the weevils eat through
the tree causing it to fall... it is leaning against the balcony), CLIMB TREE, N (balcony), N (meet
Macher who envelops himself in flames), ENTER FIRE (okay if wet - Macher is destroyed but guards
appear), S (Tolan appears his power fully restored), E, e, e, E, N (open water where you find the
pfrump floating in the water), GET PFRUMP (now tied to your boat), W (cliff face), NW, W (tunnel
where lick plant is), OPEN PFRUMP (you slip past the lick plant and drift through the tunnels),

All Hail to the Breaker of the Skelvullyn Twine!
SCORE 100%

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