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Snowball (Snowball_hints.txt)

Snowball (Level 9)

Can't get out of bed:   Pull lever and get out of coffin. Go North and press three buttons.
Climb on coffin, Up and then wait.
Can't work the computer:   Sit in the chair, wear visor. Look at number X (the one you want).
Can't find the crew member:   
  Take the viewer from the library, go North to the archive, take mempack, insert it, look at
  The viewers six digits are the location of the crew member.
  The first digit is the freezer disc colour.
  The second is the position around the freezer disc.
  The third is the level in the freezer disc.
What to do with the leotard:   Wear it, it's a space-suit. The trinkets are handy too.
How to get the lance:   Goto robot central stores. You need the red and orange cards as well as your
Paint everywhere:   The can is pressurised so keep it in the toolbox.
A weapon?
Laser problems:   Use the silver tray carried by the butler in the Habidrome.
"Wave tray".

    * The Screen, that's a blinking hard problem.
    * Carry the aerosol in the tightly closed box. Open it when confronted with the walldroid.

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