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Atlantis Adventure (Atlantis_Adventure_M_and_J_Gamble.txt)

M. & J. Gamble
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

You are James Parker, Explorer.  After 30 years of research you find a map showing the location of
the lost island of Atlantis.   You hire a ship and crew and set sail on your quest.  After several
months at sea the island is sighted and you decide to explore it.  After landing on the beach the
crew fight amongst themselves.  You try to stop the fight but are hit on the head.  When you awaken
several hours later you find yourself alone, the ship and crew have gone.  You decide to continue
with your quest but now you not only have to find the city but also a way off the island.

1. There are lots of locations and objects which serve no purpose in the game.
2. All objects are just lying around, there is no need to examine or search.
3. When you get hungry simply OPEN PACK, GET CAKE, EAT CAKE. CLOSE PACK.  The pack seems to have an
infinite supply of cake!
4. Additionally when you get hungry you can eat one of the many items of food just left lying
5. There is no need to drink, but if you do be careful because some drinks are poison.
6. Points are taken off if you drop certain items - Key, Axe, Jewels, gold, Chalice, Necklace,
Master Key, Sword, Crown and Robe - also if you remove ring and robe.

Walk Through
(Start on the beach), INVENTORY (you are carrying a flask, matches, pack and walking stick), DROP
FLASK (you don't need it), S, S, S, S (coconut grove), CLIMB TREE, GET COCONUT, CLIMB DOWN,
BREAK COCONUT (you find the masterkey), GET MASTERKEY, N (outside hut), IN HUT, GET OARS, GET PLANK,
OUT HUT, N, E (quicksands), USE PLANK (now in forest), GET AXE, N, N (marshlands), USE MATCH (to
light the torch), DROP MATCHES, D (dark cave), W, S, E (cold damp cave), GET SPADE, W, S, E (edge of
dark pit), D (bottom of pit), GET KEY, USE SPADE (you fall through the floor and end up back in the
forest), DROP SPADE.

S, S, S, S, D (dark cave), W, S, E (old damp cave), PUSH ROCK (the stones move easily), E (long
valley), E, E (rocky shore), W, N, N (bridge), CROSS BRIDGE (vegetable patch), N (west bank of
lake), GET BOAT, USE BOAT (you climb into it and are now on the lake), ROW NORTH (must have oars -
to north shore), DROP BOAT, DROP OARS, N (graveyard), W (outside tomb), PUSH DOOR (you enter the
tomb), OPEN COFFIN (see necklace and a snake), USE STICK (you kill the snake), DROP STICK, GET

S, E, S, E, N, N, N (dusty path), E, S (city wall), S, S, S (gate), GET JEWELS, N (outside wooden
gate), UNLOCK GATE (you go through to city square), E (great hall), GET BUTTE (next time you are
hungry you can eat it!), E (king's robe room), GET ROBE, WEAR ROBE, N (king's bedroom),
OPEN CHEST, GET CROWN, WEAR CROWN, E, E (handmaiden's room), GET RING, WEAR RING (leave the

S (king and queen's private chambers where you see a throne), OPEN DOOR (locked), BREAK DOOR
(it falls off its hinges and you enter a damp dingy tunnel), GET FRUIT (eat next time you are
hungry), S, S (outside gold store), OPEN DOOR (you need to know the old saying), OPEN SESAME (you
enter the gold store), GET GOLD, U, N, E (courtyard), S (guard room), GET SWORD, N, W, N, N, W, W, W
(back to city square), S (gatehouse - leave the table and chairs), S (key room), S (stairs), U
(tower), S (stairs), U (tower), S (stairs), D (washroom - leave these items), S (entrance to
paradise), S (small courtyard), S, E, E (church), GET CHALICE (leave the cross), E, E (graveyard),
N, N, N (entrance hall), N (courtyard), GET CHEESE (eat when next hungry), N (standing in front of a
large wooden door - ignore the urn), N, N (wood-yard - leave the rotting timber planks), W, N
(boathouse), OPEN LOCKER (the lock and hinges are rusted), USE AXE (see sail), GET SAIL, GO ONBOARD
(you are onboard a sailing boat).

You have found your way off the island.

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