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To the Manor Bourne (To_The_Manor_Bourne.txt)

Central Solutions/A1 Software
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Spectrum Version)

1. GRAPH turns off graphics.
2. To open the fridge you must be wearing the uniform and hat.
3. Red Herrings - Jack, Cue, Book, Spade, Can Opener.

Walk Through
(Start in main entrance hall), N, W, N, W, N (gun room), TURN CARVING (reveals a secret passage), N
(north/south tunnel), N (stables), E (tack room), GET LAMP, N (tool shed), GET CHISEL, S, W, S, S,
S, E (smoking room), GET MATCHES, S, E, E, E (butler's pantry), OPEN CUPBOARD (using chisel to
pry it open), DROP CHISEL, GET OIL, FILL LAMP, DROP TIN, N, N (maid's work room), U (landing),
U (side corridor), S (maid's bedroom), GET UNIFORM, WEAR UNIFORM, N, W, S (cook's
bedroom), GET HAT, WEAR HAT, N, E, N (gardener's bedroom), LIFT MATTRESS, GET TROWEL, S, D, D,
N (kitchen), W (larder), OPEN FRIDGE (must be wearing uniform and hat), GET SANDWICHES (packet),
OPEN PACKET (some sort of fish), INVENTORY (you are now carrying a red herring).

E (back to kitchen), LIGHT LAMP, D (wine cellar), S, GET WINE, N, U (back to kitchen), S, S, W, W,
N, E (conservatory), DIG (using trowel - find an embossed plastic card), DROP TROWEL, GET CARD, W,
S, S, S (main entrance hall), S, U (main landing), E (master bedroom), E (dressing room), OPEN
WARDROBE (see a curious depression), INSERT FISH (a panel opens), ENTER PANEL (to a gloomy
corridor), S, W, W, N, N, W (vault room where you see a locked safe), INSERT CARD (safe opens
revealing a deed box), GET BOX, OPEN BOX (full of deeds and papers), E, S, S, E, N, D (hidden
drinking room), GET CORKSCREW, OPEN BOTTLE, DRINK WINE (something is shining at the bottom of the
bottle), BREAK BOTTLE (see a yale key), GET KEY, U, S, E, N, N (back to dressing room), W, W (main

D (main entrance hall), UNLOCK DOOR (with key), LEAVE DOOR (you find yourself magically transported
to the office of the Bank Manager with the deed box safely clutched under your arm... there is much
celebration at your successful return and the champagne flows and caviar drips as you recount tales
of the problems and difficulties that you had to overcome to claim your inheritance... as the
evening wears on you make your future plans).


Taken from Dorothy Irene's site:

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