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Demon Knight (Demon_Knight.txt)

ASP Software (1983)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (C64 Version)

Defeat the Demon Knight.

Walk Through
(Start standing in front of a portcullis), E, N, N (reception room), GET LETTER, READ LETTER
(it's the king's will and explains your quest), DROP LETTER, W (throne room), EXAMINE KING
(dead), GET ROPE, PULL TORCH (reveals a room), GO ROOM (hidden armoury), GET LANCE (jousting), E
(you are in front of a massive fireplace), GET BELLOWS, GET BROOM, W, W, GET TORCH, E, S (dirty
courtyard), SWEEP RUBBISH, GET PARCHMENT, READ PARCHMENT (note the alphabet is backwards), DROP
PARCHMENT, S (dusty path), EXAMINE PATH (very dusty), SWEEP PATH (reveal a tunnel), DROP BROOM, GO
TUNNEL, GET GLOVE, WEAR GLOVE, W, W, EXAMINE POST (note signpost doesn't work - see a rusty key
at the very top), USE LANCE (you get the key), DROP LANCE.

N (overgrown field), GET SPADE, S, E (dirt road), DIG ROAD (find a jewelled knife which we will pick
up later), W, W (in front of a large iron gate), OPEN GATE (using the key to unlock it), DROP KEY,
GO GATE (you are in front of a castle), W (an alkaline pool is here), EXAMINE POOL (it attacks
phosphates), FILL BELLOWS (they are full of alkali), E, SPRAY SKELETON (now see parts of a
skeleton), DROP BELLOWS, GO CASTLE (musty kitchen), GET BUCKET, N, N (garden), DIG GARDEN (see a
small hole which we will need later), DROP SPADE, S, S ,S, S, E, S (farm), EXAMINE DUNG (find an
acorn), GET ACORN, E (well), FILL BUCKET (with magic water), W, N, N (overgrown field), PICK FLOWER,
S, W, GO GATE, GO CASTLE, N, N (garden), EXAMINE GARDEN (everything is shrivelled), PLANT ACORN (see
a small puny shoot), WATER GARDEN (with the magic water - now see a large oak tree which we will
climb later), DROP BUCKET.

GET LADDER, S, S, W (dingy cave where you meet an evil smelling monster), WAVE FLOWER (now a sweet
smelling monster), EXAMINE MONSTER (find a magic talisman), DROP FLOWER, GET TALISMAN, S (you are in
front of a deep pit), USE LADDER (it just spans the pit), CROSS LADDER (rundown medieval library),
HELP (how about a holy book), GET PSALM, INVENTORY (you are carrying a leather-bound Psalter), E, N,
E, DROP ROPE, N (dark corridor), EXAMINE WALLS (solid), TAP WALL (see a small door), GO DOOR (secret
chapel), GET CROWN, W, S, S, S (by gate), GET KEY, GO GATE, GO CASTLE, N, N (garden), CLIMB TREE
(top of a giant oak tree), UNLOCK WINDOW (using the rusty key), DROP KEY, OPEN WINDOW, GO WINDOW
(you are facing Beezlebug the dark lord - a beautiful princess is here and we will return later to
free her), W, GO DOWN, S, S, S, S.

E, E (dirt road), GET KNIFE, W, S, E (well), PICK MANDRAKE (plant), W, SACRIFICE COW, INVENTORY (you
now have a bloody knife), N, W, GO GATE, GO CASTLE, N, N, E (witches' sorcery room), EXAMINE
CLOAK (it's levitating in midair), HELP ("A bloody knife combats strife - to exorcise evil
and its powers, stop, why not try burning the lock"), CUT HAIR (note the knife must be bloody -
see witches' hair), DROP TALISMAN, DROP GLOVE, GET HAIR, BURN HAIR (it burns with a green
vapour and gasses the witch), DROP TORCH, GET CLOAK, GET TALISMAN, W, CLIMB TREE, GO WINDOW (you are
facing Beezlebug the dark lord), WEAR TALISMAN, WEAR CLOAK, WEAR CROSS, READ PSALM (you hear a
massive crack of thunder echo through the room), STAB MANDRAKE (well done... as you stab the
mandrake root the whole room shudders... a thick green smoke fills the air and when it has cleared
there is no sign of Beezlebug... the princess is released and you may go and claim your wealth and