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Behind Closed Doors 3: Revenge of the Ants (Behind_Closed_Doors_3.txt)

Behind Closed Doors 3 (Zenobi Software)

Escape from the toilet for the very last time.............
Here's the solution.
Right, before we start it should be pointed out that it is only possible to finish this adventure if
cat enters the game and pees on the floor, which doesn't always happen. So it's matter of
and re-starting the game until the cat enters, with that in mind, on with the solution......
From the start WAIT, (for 41 turns to see if the cat enters, if it does then fine, follow the rest
of this 
solution, if not you'll have to restart the game repeatedley until the cat does enter) EXAM
WALL, (you spot a large nail) TUG NAIL, EXAM DOOR, (you see a shelf) EXAM SHELF, (a 
hammer lies upon it - just out of your reach) UNFOLD GAZZETTE, ROLL GAZZETTE, and USE 
GAZZETTE to dislodge the hammer, then GET HAMMER. Now LOOK UP, (you see a small hole 
in the roof and a bird peering through the opening) THROW NAIL, AT BIRD, (the bird mistakes 
the nail for a worm and drops a matchstick) GET MATCH, MARK TOILET, (you draw a cross on 
the side of the toilet with your fel-tip pen) FART, (in order to fill the toilet with gas), HIT
HIT CROSS, HIT CROSS, (a green gas seeps out of a crack in the toilet) LIGHT MATCH, LIGHT 
GAS, (the toilet blows up leaving you free to move, but with the seat still stuck to your bottom) 
EXAM CISTERN, (it's covered in dust) SEARCH DUST, (you find a small rusty screwdriver) 
DIP SCREWDRIVER, (in the cat pee, to turn it into the yellow screwdriver), EXAM HINGES 
(held in place by six small brass screws), REMOVE BOOTS, (to allow you to reach the hinges) 
UNSCREW SCREWS, (you loose the screwdriver after throwing it at a cockroach) WAIT, (for 
ten turns until the mouse returns your screwdriver) PULL NIGHTSHIRT, (to hide your exposed 
genitals) and UNSCREW SCREWS to finish the game........
N.B. You must complete the game inside 100 turns, if you fail to do so you will be eaten by the 
`Rattigator' which leaps out of the toilet and bites your bum....... 

Typed (and solved) by Ian ( Originally displayed within the `Spectrum 
Adventurer' web pages at:- 

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