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Invincible Island (Invincible_Island.txt)

INVINCIBLE ISLAND (Richard Shepherd Software)

(From the start, in a small cove)

E, E, E, N, In, Take neclace, Out, S, W, W, W, W, Take key, N, Take food,
In, Take potion, Out, E, Unlock chest, Open chest (a snake leaps out and
bites you!), Drink potion, Drop key, Look, Take parchment, Examine
parchment (not clear yeh, eh?!)N, Examine sign, E, E, N (a pair of eyes are
now watching you!), E, S, Take box, N, W, S, W, W, Take axe,
Break box with axe (you reveal a faded yellow parchment), Take parchment,
Examine parchment, Drop axe, N, Take spade, Take anorak, Wear anorak, N
(you now see a Native), Give food to native (in gratitude he  gives you a

Drop spade, N, N, E, N, In, U, Take red key, D, E, S, W, S, D, E, U, U,
Take parchment, Examine parchment (it's becoming a little clearer), D, D,
Drop anorak, Take map, Examine map (it's a navigational map), E, Unlock
door, Open door, In (you now meet an old wizened native), Give necklace to
native (in gratitude he gives you another parchment), Examine parchment,
Out, W, W, U, S, Take spade, Drop red key, W, W, Drop spade, E, Take torch,
S, Light torch, W, S, S, S, W, Take parchment, Examine parchment, W, N, N,
N, N, N, In, Take parchment, Examine parchment.

Out, Look, E, Take footpump,N, W, N, Drop torch, Drop map, Drop phrasebook,
Cross bridge, Take package, Examine package (it's a small inflatable
dinghy), Inflate dinghy, E (you can now see an island in the distance),
Cross, Take parchment, Examine parchment, Cross, Drop dinghy, W, W, Take
map, Take phrasebook, Examine parchment (it reads: 'When the page is
complete look and you'll find ...... West of the sun and the ancient temple
..... Amongst the bones of our ancestors'), S, S, S, E, Take skull, E, Take
spade, Dig (you uncover a huge pile of gold !!), Take gold, Drop spade, E, S,
S, S, S, E, Drop footpump, Drop phrasebook, Drop skull (you will now see a
swarm of natives brandishing swords and spears in the distance!), Sail boat

                                FINAL MESSAGE

Original by John R. Barnsley - Spectrum 48k
Retyped  by Andrew Barker

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