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Captive (Captive_Hints.txt)

Captive - Game by Ian Watt

Hints by Jonathan O

Like most games written in BASIC, this has a two-word parser. Only the first three letters of each
word are recognised.

The instructions say the game has a large number of commands. Actually there are no more than about
25, including N, S, E, and W. GO is not a known commmand, but any unknown command starting with W,
such as WAIT, will try to take you west (and so on with the other directions), which can give some
odd results. There is no SAVE or RESTORE command, so it's lucky this is a very short game!
Because of the display, neither LOOK nor INVENTORY is necessary, and EXAMINE is hardly ever useful
(and see below).

If you find the sound effect annoying (it presumably indicates the planet's progress towards
explosion), it's easy to turn it off. Break out of the game (using Esc), type DEL. 170,180
followed by Enter (or just the two numbers, each followed by Enter) and then RUN.

You must complete the game in at most 120 moves. Your final score is the difference between this and
the actual number of moves you made.

If you want to know what response you get to any command, watch the appropriate area very carefully,
as all or most of the text will scroll out of sight! (You could fix this by changing the code, but I
doubt if that is worth the effort.)

There are not many ways to die; two such ways can easily be sidestepped by not ringing the bell, and
not examining the hole in the ceiling.

You may light the torch as soon as you pick it up - it has apparently zero probability of running
out in the allotted time. However, a warning - if you drop it and later pick it up, you must light
it again!

There is one location where you will die instantly if you enter without being armed. After taking
the obvious action there, the weapon is no longer needed.

The gloves are needed to get a cold object (though, oddly, you can drop the gloves while still
carrying the aforesaid object).

The magnifier is required in a place where something is too small to read without it.

Two things need to be done with the transmitter before using it: stop it overheating (just drop a
cold object in the same location) and give it a necessary part (which you will only be able to find
after the previous action) - again, you just need to drop it in the right place. Then simply
TRANSMIT to get to the next stage.

To finish the game, you need to get to your spaceship. This requires a key, for which you should
take a suitable object to the obvious location. (NB CUT KEY won't work, but is almost right -
just use a different noun.)

You also need an object you found very early on. You can now get to the airlock and unlock it
(depending on how you do this, you may get both an error message and another message indicating that
you have succeeded). To clear the boulders, remember that sudden loud noises can be dangerous - you
need one final object to protect you. Go to the spaceship and say the "magic" word.
That's it - you've succeeded, and are given your score (see above for how this is