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Gunslinger (Gunslinger.txt)

Dawson City-

N. N. W. N. Gamble. Kill man.  Get money. S. E. S. S. S. W. Buy Ticket. Get 
ticket. E. Ride stagecoach.


Get flint. E. E. Look in well. N. N. W. U. W. Get mirror. E. D. E. N. N. W. Get 
poster. E. N. (four times). Get keg. S (nine times).

Dam and Mine-

Light keg. Put keg on dam. N. Look in well. D. N. Get lamp. Light lamp. N. W. N. 
Get axe. S. E. N. E. Unlight lamp. N. Dig with axe. Get crystal. Drop axe. S. 
Light lamp. W. S. Ride car. Wait (three times). Use brake. Wait. Use brake. Drop 
lamp. U. U. Climb cliff. S (eight times). E.


Offer crystal to man. Get box. W. W. W. Sluice water. Get nugget. E. E. E. Offer 
nugget to man. Ride mule. W. Drop flint. Drop box. N (eight times). U. E. D.

Valley of Indian Camp-

Dismount. N (four times). Offer poster to chief. Offer mirror to chief. S. S. E 
(three times). Untie canoe. Wait. Wait. Duck. Grab branch.


E. E. N. N. W. N. W. Get fuse. Wear fuse. E. Wait (or wander around until you 
are thrown into stockage).

In Stockage, On the Train-

Wait (until spoon is thrown in). Get spoon. Get bowl. eat stew. Drop bowl. Wait 
(until cigarette is thrown in). Get cigarette. Climb pipe. Dig bars with spoon. 
Go outside. Tie fuse to wall. D. Light fuse. N. E. Enter train. U. Wait. D. Open 
door. Go out. [Train Station] E. E. N. N.

In Tiajuana-

N (five times). E. E. Talk up James. W. W. S (five times). W. Get rifle. Ride 
horse. E. E. N. Dismount. W. N. E. U.

Empty Room-

Wait (until bell rings). Look west. Shoot rope. Jump south.

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