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Black Island Adventure (Black_Island_Adventure.txt)

´╗┐BLACK ISLAND ADVENTURE (Phil Collins and Geoffrey Walker, 1984)
Published by Boldfield Limited Computing.

This is a multiload adventure in four parts for the 19K Jupiter Ace.

Part 1 of walkthrough based on the solution by Jacob Gunness at

Part 2 largely based on the map by Jacob Gunness, also at the above link. With some 
additional steps needed to complete that section.

Parts 3 and 4 solutions largely worked out by myself with a couple of additional hints 
found by examining the tap file.

Text walkthrough:-
Part 1 - Harbour city 
W, U, W, S, W, N, GET MUG, S, E, E, D, FILL MUG (it's now half full of rum), U, W, S, E,  
FILL MUG (you fill it up with water from the fountain, creating grog), NE, GET SPHERE,  
W, GET SPADE, S, GET COMPASS, NE (back at the fountain), W, S, E (you find an old  
sailor, who's near death), GIVE GROG (he blesses you - this will keep you safe from the  
black death), GET PARCHMENT (first half), W, W, S, GET WHISTLE, E, E, NW, DROP  
MUG, GET KEY, GET LUPINS, SE, N, N, E, N, DIG (in the patch of earth you find a chest),  
("deathtrap"), S, W, N, D, W, BOARD SCHOONER, DEATHTRAP

Part 2 - At sea on the SS Deathtrap 
d, d, get ball, u, u, n, d, fire cannon, load cannon, z (wait until "clips your
bowsprit"), fire 
cannon, u, n, e, blow whistle, e, ne, se, w, disembark (white island), u, u, water lupins, 
d, d, embark, e, sw, nw, w, w, n, n, nw, n, ne, nw, w, s, e, disembark (brown island), u, 
disembark (to get cork from tree), d, embark, w, se, ne, nw, ne, e, ne, nw, sw, w, s, s 
(ship is wrecked but you land safely on beach), launch lifeboat, embark, e (floating along 
a dark narrow passage), z (15 times) (i.e. wait until "at the base of high round shaft"),

drop cork, swim, look (confirm lifeboat and lump of cork are here at base of shaft), w, z 
(7 times) (i.e. wait until "you are deposited on a flat ledge")

Part 3 - The Jabberwocky 
e, n, n, s (timtim tree), get verpal, s, nw, ne, se (tomtom tree), get virpal, get tomtom, 
s, ne (tamtam tree), get vurpal, get tamtam, ne, e, s, nw, s (temtem tree), get varpal, 
ne, w (tumtum tree), drop varpal, drop verpal, drop virpal, drop vurpal, get vorpal, w, 
read (see runes), e, e, e, nw, ne, n, n, ne (tamtam tree), beat tamtam, n, slay 
jabberwock, n, read (see runes), get vase, s, water lupins, w (tamtam tree), ne, e, s, 
nw, s (temtem tree), ne, w (tumtum tree), w, beat tamtam

Part 4 - Adventure back to the beginning 
e, n, drop lupins, s, w, e, n, get lupins, s, e, get sword, n, read, s, s, read, n, e, saxifrage 
(this magic word is found by adjoining the four sets of runes together in the correct 
positions), u, u, push maiden, y, get casket, d, n, e, d, board lifeboat, get cork, w (15 
times, until "floating on open sea"), w (on a small beach), u, s, e, e (tavern), d, open 
door, e, d, kill scrumpet, look (spring of blood), water lupins, u, w, u, z

Note on the walkthrough:- 
Out of habit and for clarity, I use "z" to wait one turn, although this game's parser
not understand, it works well enough. In fact any inconsequential command will suffice, 
or you can even just press ENTER on a blank line for the same effect.

Although for the 19K Jupiter Ace, this multipart text adventure contains in total around 
66K of epic 8-bit adventuring. Took me a good couple of weeks to work out the full 
solution to the later parts of the game. An enjoyable challenge.