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Key to Paradox, The (Key_to_Paradox.txt)

Written by C. A. Sharp (Recreation Recreation)
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (Amstrad Version)

You have suffered for months with a mysterious illness and your world has been threatened with your
very lift in the balance – lost in the land of Paradox, the realm of nightmare and confusion.  You
must seek the reason for it all, the answer – the Key to Paradox.

Walk Through:
(Start in hospital room), EXAMINE ROOM (strange thoughts overcome you and you find yourself on
craggy cliffs), W, GET SATCHEL, E, GET BEADS (prayer), E (desert of paradox), SE, GET KEY, EXAMINE
KEY (gold), W (see a pink hat), WEAR HAT, REMOVE HAT (it’s shrunk to your head), INVENTORY (note
you have a “Y”), EXAMINE Y (made of iron and bears an inscription), READ INSCRIPTION (says
“The Key to Paradox”), BUILD SAND CASTLE, SW (green fields), S (fields), GET BOX (pill), EXAMINE
BOX, OPEN BOX (contains pills), DROP BOX, S, NE (sea of sighs), N, N, (desert of paradox), W (to
where you built the sand castle), TAKE PILL (you shrink), ENTER CASTLE (see a candle), GET CANDLE,
W, U (top of castle), GET MOUSE, EXAMINE MOUSE (cute), GET CAGE, D, DROP PILLS, E, E (back outside
castle), DIG (find a dead fish), GET FISH, EXAMINE FISH (a smelly herring), FEED FISH TO MOUSE, S,

S (sea of sighs), S, SW, E (isle of eerie sounds), EXAMINE FROG (can’t kiss it though!), EXAMINE
WATER (beware), E (the wax in your ears protects from the Sirens), GET KNIFE, EXAMINE KNIFE, W, SW
(craggy cliffs where you meet the Lawgiver), EXAMINE LAWGIVER (looks familiar), SPEAK TO LAWGIVER
(he tells you that the forest is what you seek), S (harsh land where you meet a giant cat), EXAMINE
CAT, DROP MOUSE (cat flees), W (lush pasture), NW (forest), S (see an electric organ in the forest),
EXAMINE ORGAN, PLAY ORGAN (you feel a presence nearby), LOOK (see a bright angel), SPEAK TO BRIGHT
ANGEL (Matthias leaves you something then vanishes), LOOK (it was fruit which is of no use but note
his name), SE, ENTER TOWER (a voice booms out “Only the bearer of the name may enter”), SAY
MATTHIAS (you may pass), U, U (top of tower), GET EYE (glass), EXAMINE EYE, D, D, D (back to harsh
land), W, S, E (pastureland).

N (fields), DIG, LOOK (see a hole containing seeds), GET SEEDS (they have become transformed),
INVENTORY (now carrying flowers), EXAMINE FLOWERS (black roses), N, W, W, NW (forest), S, S (meet a
wolf), EXAMINE WOLF, GIVE FLOWERS TO WOLF (they were poisoned and he dies), CUT WOLF (a butterfly
flies out), CATCH BUTTERFLY (in the cage), W (temple), EXAMINE ALTAR, PRAY (something appears before
you), LOOK (see monk), EXAMINE MONK (he eyes are shaded by his cowl), TALK MONK (he says “That
which sees may also speak”), E, W, E (the butterfly emits a melodic note which lulls the serpent
which is here), EXAMINE SERPENT (has yellow and black markings), STROKE SERPENT (the serpent
changes), LOOK (now see a staff), DROP CAGE, GET STAFF, EXAMINE STAFF (bears a word), READ STAFF
(“Conceal”), W (lush pasture), DIG, DROP ICE, GET CASKET, EXAMINE CASKET, OPEN CASKET (using the
knife – reveals a pumping heart), DROP KNIFE, DROP CASKET, GET HEART, EXAMINE HEART (it lives but
isn’t connected to anything), S, E, NE (sea of sighs), N, N, N, N.

W, S (dusty road), W (mountain pass), PLANT STAFF, LOOK (it has become a tree), EXAMINE TREE (it’s
branches reach across the fissure), CLIMB TREE (across the fissure to the mountains… as you land
the tree reverts to its previous form and flies into your hand), W, N, NE (heart of paradox), E, E
(see an idol), EXAMINE IDOL (has a single eye socket), REPLACE EYE (it stirs and gives you the word
“Katmandu”), E (the hat transports you to the mountains), E, JUMP (to heart of forest), SE, SE
(by dark tower), SAY MATTHIAS, U (tower where you see the book of calls), EXAMINE BOOK, OPEN BOOK
(protected by magic), SAY KATMANDU, OPEN BOOK, READ BOOK (see a spell to call the dark angel), READ
SPELL (dark angel appears and asks for the heart), GIVE HEART TO DARK ANGEL (leaves you something in
return), LOOK, DROP KEY, GET PARCHMENT, EXAMINE PARCHMENT (old paper bearing a script), READ
PARCHMENT (bears the word of power “Aha”), DROP PARCHMENT, D, D, S, N, NE.

N, N, N, N (craggy cliffs), W, S, W (mountain pass), PLANT STAFF (it has become a tree again), CLIMB
TREE (across the fissure to the mountains), W, N (see a pair of closed eyes), SAY AHA TO EYES, LOOK,
SPEAK TO EYES (now see a mouth which says “The end of all things is death”), S (you meet the
Master of all Evil), SPEAK TO MASTER (he asks you a riddle), SAY DEATH (you see a veil), SAY CONCEAL
(now see an iron door), EXAMINE DOOR (has a keyhole), INSERT IRON Y (a man appears and asks you what
is the Key to Paradox), SAY IRON (the doctor looks down and says that all is now well).

SCORE 100%

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