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Curse of the Werewolf (Curse_of_the_Werewolf_hints.txt)

Bridge - It's unsafe so try not to carry too much as you cross it.

Constitution - Say prayers in the chapel while carrying the cross and
wine to increase constitution. Drinking wine and eating food will also 
increase constitution, but make sure they're not needed elsewhere

Dagger - Can be used to pick the lock of the door in the empty room.

Food - Contains garlic.

Ghost - There's a clue on the sign in the sewer. The ghost will be
dispelled if you're carrying the cross and flask.

Girl - Rescue the girl by taking her back to the village.

Goblin - Can be killed with the staff or the sword.

Horse - You can ride the horse back to the village.

Key - Unlocks the cell door in the dungeon.	

Stick - The stick will light your way.

Sword - You need to be carrying the amulet before you can take the
sword. Take the book and sword to the room of the alchemist and say
change to transmute the sword to silver.

Werewolf - There's a clue written on the bed in the master bedroom.
To kill the werewolf you need to be carrying the silver sword, cross
and food.

Wolf - Can be killed with the staff or the sword.

Zombie - Cast the spell from the scroll which is hidden in the garden.