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Rooms of the Lost Jewel (Rooms_of_Lost_Jewel.txt)


Man, I thought I'd seen some fairly horrid abominations of programming, but RotLJ really takes
cake. I believe the game's introduction speaks for itself. Original spelling etc. has been 
retained; I've only removed a few ill-placed line breaks:

"Rooms of the Lost Jewel
You're Spindy Crones, an archeologist,in search of a gold-encrusted jewel. Recover the jewel
win the game. Many challenges await you on your adventure;  such as solving riddles & carrying
holy orders. Hints-there are 2 walls that will transport you to different rooms; do cracks in walls 
lead anywhere,maybe & maybe not. 
Don't worry about picking up or droping of items. The computer does it for you. Keep in mind
#7T,#13R,#17B,& #16C.

Do you want to play (y/n)"

The game also has a funny way of moving you between locations no matter what command you type.

(You begin in the aptly named Room #B) NE, W, W, N, N, NW, W (you have entered room 14B - on the 
wall is written "possibility"), W (back to your starting location), N, N (you now have a
sword, the 
gold-encrusted jewel and a jug of water - wasn't too hard to find that jewel, huh?), E, N
this riddle - "What is long as possibility?"), IMPOSSIBILITY (you are now in room 15 with
extra useless items), W (on the wall is written "Holy order: knife skull water"), E, S, W,
S, S 
(back where you started again), NE, W, W, N, N, NW, E (enter the correct order to enter), KNIFE 
SKULL WATER (you are now facing a guarding - press 1 to attack or 2 to flee; actually, pressing 2 
does nothing, you must press 0 to flee but this kills you), 2 (how many times will you strike), 2 
(this kills the guardian and strangely, you now have two jewels, even though the instroduction only 
mentions one)

"You have won this game, but there will be others"
(Fortunately, this never seemed to happen!!)

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