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New Arrival (New_Arrival.txt)

New Arrival
by Zenobi Software

The Official Zenobi Hint-Sheet

How do I use the computer?
You'll need an ID card ...
... and a password.

How can I get into the mine?
Try to go down and listen to what the man says.
Ask him about equipment.

How can I get a helmet?
You can't open the store room yourself.
Ask the man about a helmet.

Where is my ID card?
You left it in your room.
Examine the cabinet.

How can I get the password?
Persuade someone else to use a computer.
Listen to what the man says when he gets your helmet.

How can I get a weapon?
The man in Stores has a laser.
Hit him with the helmet.

How can I get onto the shuttle?
Miners won't be allowed on board.
You'll need a disguise.

What should I do with Mr Lawrence?
Kill him with the laser ...
... Get his suit and pass.

Where can I go from the gardens?
Look around carefully.
There's a cubicle hidden in the bushes.

What should I do in the cell?
Hit the Commander when asked.
Then hit the prisoner. Examine the bodies.

Are these shrubs important?
No, but their containers are.
Remove plant from bag.

How can I get things across the lake?
You only need to take the disk.
Put it in the plastic bag.

What should I do on the island?
Look around - again.
Examine shrubs to find a gravity cubicle.

What does the man want?
Where would you find information?
He wants the computer disk.

How do I mend the rocket?
Go to the Office, examine lamp, remove cable.
Go to Power Control Room and fix panel (using cable).

How do I get rid of the guards?
Distract them.
Start a fire ... examine desk to find a lighter.

How EXACTLY do I get rid of the guards?
In the Office, examine window, get curtains, drop by panel.
Put extinguisher on curtains, light curtains, hide in Closet.

How can I get back into the rocket?
Deal with the soldier.
Hit him with the bottle (examine shelf in Office).